Europe Charge Points

Do you know that Europe is one of the most popular destinations for electric vehicle drivers? With an ever-growing network of EV charging points across the continent, drivers can easily recharge their vehicles throughout their travels in Europe.

In this post, we will provide an overview of the locations and technologies available for EV charging points in Europe.

Check Out the Chargemap Website.

If you are looking for electric vehicle charging points in Europe, the first resource we recommend is the Chargemap website. It’s a digital map platform that provides detailed information on charging stations in Europe and beyond, with information about their location, level of charge, cost, brand, etc. Furthermore, it provides useful tips for drivers such as user reviews and comments about the charging stations.

Visit Connecterra for Rapid and Wallbox Stations.

Connecterra is an online platform that provides thorough information about charging stations in Europe. It specializes in higher power, rapid and wallbox charge points located in public places such as supermarkets, car parks, gas stations or hotels. You can easily find out what type of connector to use for the station, the manufacturer or even parking fees associated with it. Additionally, Connecterra also provides access to telemetry data like real-time occupancies and availability of charge points.

Use PlugShare from Tesloop to Find Public and Private Points.

PlugShare is an app created and hosted by Tesloop, a company that focuses on fully-electric drivetrain solutions for cities across the world. Not only does PlugShare provide access to public charging points, but you can also add private charging stations to the map. In this way, even if you don’t have access to public charging infrastructure in your area, you can still find potential outlets from your neighbors. This helps create a more convenient and welcoming experience for electric vehicle drivers.

Use New Motion for Subscription Charging Services.

New Motion is a subscription-based charging service that provides access to charging points in Europe on a single tariff. This means you can pay one flat fee and use any of the public charging stations that are associated with their network. This system makes it incredibly convenient for travelers who can just plug into the nearest station, without worrying about paying multiple times for short trips. New Motion also ensures that all their services are meeting standards for safety, quality and reliability.

Look Up Installers with European EV Charging Network Project.

The European EV Charging Network Project (ECN) is a great resource for finding EV charging stations across the continent. The project was started by a consortium of 13 actors from across Europe, with the goal of creating an infrastructure of uniformly developed and certified charging stations. All participating companies must meet strict standards for safety, quality and reliability, making ECN a reliable service to use when you need to recharge your vehicle while traveling in Europe.