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There are an increasing number of suppliers provide charging units suitable for home installation and top of these are listed below. Units are usually wall-mounted with either with a tethered charge cable, which can be plugged straight into the car, or with a socket for use with the vehicle’s own charging cable. Below is a list of the best home EV chargers provided by various suppliers.

 JuiceBox Pro 40


Power: 10 kW
Price: $599 – $649

+ Built-in WiFi
+ Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa
+ Compact size

Some wifi problems are reported

Siemens VersiCharge Home Charger

Power: 7.2 kW
Price: $499 – $699

+ Multiple versions available
+ Level 2 charger
+ Flexible control
+ Three-year warranty

Delayed charging isn’t compatible with all vehicles

Bosch Level 2 EV Charger

Power: 7.2 kW
Price: $760 – $900

+Well-respected brand
+ NEMA 3R weather-resistant
+ sleek design
+ Three-year warranty

High price

ChargePoint Home Flex EV

Power: 7.3 kW
Price: $649 – $699

+Well-respected brand
+ Energy Star Certified
+ Built-in WiFi
+ Compatible with Alexa

Some issues with the charging app are reported

Megear Level 2 EV Charger

Power: 3.84 kW
Price: $180 – $210

+ Portable
+ Level 2 charger
+ Easy to read LED indicators
+ Includes carrying case

Low power output


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