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Beam Global Secures First European Order for Sustainable EV Charging

Beam Global, a leader in sustainable infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy security, has secured its first European order – a US$1 million contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). This milestone involves ten of their innovative EV ARC™ solar-powered EV charging systems and one ARC Mobility™ trailer.

Powering Cyprus and Beyond

The EV ARC™ systems will be deployed at the British Sovereign Bases in Cyprus, supporting Project EVOLVE – a rapid and mobile electric vehicle charging solution initiative. This aligns with the UK’s ambitious goal of zero-emission government vehicles by 2027.

More Than Just Charging: A Multifaceted Solution

The EV ARC™ system offers capabilities beyond just charging electric vehicles:

  • Multi-Utility Power: It generates and stores clean solar energy, ideal for powering vital defense equipment in remote locations, boosting operational flexibility for the MoD.
  • Rapid Deployment Advantage: Beam Global’s system is known for its ease of deployment, requiring no construction, electrical work, or utility connection – a major benefit for military applications and temporary setups.
  • Scalable and Versatile: Each system can power up to six Level 2 EV chargers, catering to multiple vehicles simultaneously. The compact design fits within a standard parking space, while its portability enhances adaptability.
  • Emergency Power Ready: The integrated Emergency Power Panel ensures the system can provide vital electricity for military equipment and personnel during critical situations.

Collaboration for a Greener Future

This project showcases the power of collaboration between allies in tackling climate challenges,” remarked Brigadier Tom Harper, the British Strategic Command attaché to the US. He emphasized the technology’s importance in providing clean energy solutions for the British military.

Beam Global’s CEO, Desmond Wheatley, expressed his pride in securing this significant order. He highlighted the rapid growth of Beam Europe, established in Q4 2023, and noted that these EV ARC™ systems would be the first deployed from the Beam Europe factory. This swift European expansion underscores Beam Global’s commitment to delivering sustainable EV charging solutions globally.

Aligning with Europe’s Green Ambitions

The UK’s commitment to zero-emission government vehicles by 2027 reflects a broader European trend. The European Union (EU) aims for net-zero emissions from energy infrastructure by 2050, and the European Parliament has backed a proposal for zero-emission new cars and vans by 2035. Beam Global’s EV ARC™ system aligns perfectly with these green initiatives, offering a clean and efficient solution for the vast European EV market.

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