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Fort Birmingham Powers Up with New EV Charging Facilities

Birmingham, UK ā€“ April 16, 2024 ā€“ Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Birmingham can rejoice! The Fort Shopping Park has unveiled one of the West Midlands’ largest EV charging installations, boasting a convenient and powerful option for topping up while you shop.

Convenience and Speed for EV Drivers:

The new facility boasts a total of 20 charging points, strategically located opposite Next for easy access. This caters to a range of needs, offering both fast and ultra-rapid charging options:

  • Eight 22kW fast chargersĀ provide a convenient top-up for your electric vehicle.
  • Twelve ultra-rapid 180kW chargersĀ are ideal for those needing a significant boost in a shorter time frame.

Multiple Payment Options and Connector Compatibility:

The Gridserve chargers offer a variety of payment methods to ensure a seamless experience:

  • Contactless debit or credit cards
  • Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • RFID cards

The chargers also cater to a wide range of EV models with a mix of:

  • CHAdeMO connectors
  • CCS connectors
  • Type 2 sockets
New electric vehicle chargers at The Fort Shopping Park in Birmingham (Copyright Mike Sewell 2024)

Strategic Location and Sustainability Efforts:

The Fort’s convenient location, easily accessible from the M6 motorway, makes these chargers ideal for local shoppers, residents, and EV drivers traveling through the area.

Furthermore, the commitment to sustainability goes beyond just offering EV charging. The Fort’s owners are taking a commendable step towards reducing the shopping center’s carbon footprint by installing thousands of solar panels on the rooftops. Work on this project is expected to begin later this month. The 4,000 Trina Solar Vertex Solar panels will produce up to 1,600 kWp (kilowatt peak) of electricity, which is almost half the power needed to run the shopping park.

Overall, The Fort’s new EV charging facilities and commitment to sustainability make it a more attractive destination for eco-conscious shoppers and EV drivers alike.

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