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France Charges Ahead with 300 New EV Fast Chargers

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in France can celebrate! A major boost to the country’s charging infrastructure is underway. EVBox, a leading EV charging solutions provider, is partnering with SMEG, a major energy infrastructure operator, to deploy 300 new fast-charging stations across France.

Key Points

  • 300 EVBox Troniq Modular fast charging stations (120-180 kW) will be installed strategically throughout France.
  • This expansion strengthens the EVzen network, which already boasts 150 fast charging ports.
  • The focus is on addressing the need for convenient on-the-go charging in both rural and urban areas.
  • The partnership between EVBox and SMEG strengthens France’s EV charging infrastructure.

Improved Charging Landscape for EV Drivers

This project marks the second stage of the EVzen network rollout, significantly bolstering France’s charging network. The powerful EVBox Troniq Modular stations (ranging from 120 kW to 180 kW) will be installed at over 100 commercial sites. This strategic placement specifically targets both rural and urban areas, addressing a critical need for convenient charging and reducing range anxiety for EV owners.

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

The partnership between EVBox and SMEG exemplifies a growing trend in the EV industry. Collaboration between energy companies and charging solution providers is essential for building a robust and accessible network that can support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

“Our ongoing collaboration with SMEG has continually addressed the evolving needs of EV drivers,” said Amélie Trégouet, France Regional Director at EVBox. “We’re committed to providing accessible charging options tailored to each business’s needs, from initial commercial solutions to now expanding the public fast-charging network.”

About EVBox and SMEG: Leaders in Sustainable Mobility

EVBox, a leader in EV charging solutions, is dedicated to a sustainable future through promoting electric mobility. SMEG, with over 130 years of experience in Monaco, is a diversified energy infrastructure and services operator actively involved in renewable energy and EV charging solutions.

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