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Nissan and Zapmap Drive the Future of EV Charging Together

Nissan is enhancing the electric vehicle (EV) ownership experience through its renewed partnership with Zapmap, a leading charge point mapping service. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way Nissan EV owners locate and use charging stations, ensuring a seamless and integrated journey. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, Nissan is providing a complimentary Zapmap Premium subscription to buyers of its new electric vehicles, including the LEAF, ARIYA, and the newly added Townstar electric van.

Seamless EV Charging with Zapmap Premium

Under this extended partnership, Nissan EV buyers will enjoy a three-year Premium subscription to Zapmap, starting from the vehicle’s registration date and valid for models registered up until December 31, 2024. This premium offering integrates directly into the vehicle’s in-car support systems through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, bringing an enhanced level of convenience to the EV charging experience. Zapmap’s platform, known for its comprehensive mapping of over 95% of the UK’s public chargers, now extends its reach into mainland Europe, covering key destinations like France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

A Decade of Innovation and Support

For nearly ten years, Zapmap has been at the forefront of EV charging solutions, providing real-time information on the status of over 70% of public charge points. This partnership with Nissan underscores both companies’ commitment to facilitating an intuitive and hassle-free charging process for EV drivers. Zapmap Premium’s unique features, including unlimited filters, route planning, and in-dash navigation integration, allow drivers to effortlessly locate the nearest suitable charger, access live data, and navigate with ease.

Leading the Charge in Electric Mobility

James Bird, EV Product Manager at Nissan Motor GB, expressed enthusiasm for the ongoing collaboration, highlighting both Nissan’s and Zapmap’s pioneering roles in the electric vehicle and charging infrastructure sectors. This partnership not only enhances the EV driving experience but also aligns with the companies’ shared vision for a future of intuitive electric travel.

Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zapmap, reiterated the importance of this partnership in making EV charging simpler and more accessible. By incorporating Zapmap Premium into Nissan’s in-car dashboards, the collaboration aims to address one of the main challenges faced by EV drivers today: finding suitable charging options while on the move. With over 50,000 public charge points listed in the UK and thousands more across Europe, Zapmap and Nissan are setting a new standard for EV navigation and charging convenience.

Driving Innovation Forward

Nissan’s partnership with Zapmap is more than just a collaboration; it’s a testament to their shared commitment to advancing electric mobility and making the EV charging experience as seamless as possible. As the partnership continues into 2024 and expands to include the Townstar electric van, Nissan and Zapmap are paving the way for a future where electric travel is not only possible but effortless and integrated into every journey. This initiative promises to enhance the ownership experience for countless Nissan EV drivers, ensuring that they can enjoy a seamless charging experience, wherever their travels take them.

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