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Volvo Cars and Breathe Team Up to Revolutionize EV Charging

Volvo Cars is accelerating the path to a more convenient and efficient electric vehicle (EV) future through a groundbreaking partnership with Breathe Battery Technologies (Breathe). This pioneering collaboration makes Volvo Cars the first automaker to integrate Breathe’s cutting-edge charging software into its upcoming fleet of fully electric vehicles.

A Faster, More Convenient EV Future

Drivers can expect a significantly more convenient and efficient charging experience thanks to this strategic alliance. Volvo Cars will seamlessly integrate Breathe Charge into its proprietary battery management system. This integration aims to optimize charging efficiency, resulting in dramatically reduced charging times. Initial tests suggest a potential reduction of up to 30% in the time required to charge from 10% to 80% battery capacity. This improvement comes without compromising optimal energy density or driving range, marking a new era of EV charging efficiency.

Intelligent Charging for a Healthy Battery

Breathe Charge leverages cutting-edge adaptive charging algorithms. These algorithms dynamically regulate the battery in real-time, ensuring an optimized charging process while safeguarding battery health. This innovative approach mitigates the risk of lithium plating, a condition that can harm battery longevity and performance. By dynamically adjusting charging parameters, Breathe Charge ensures optimal battery health for a longer lifespan, translating to a more cost-effective ownership experience for Volvo EV drivers.

Volvo’s unwavering Commitment to Sustainability

This partnership underscores Volvo Cars’ unwavering commitment to sustainable mobility and technological innovation. Their vision of becoming a fully electric car manufacturer by 2030 is actively propelled by their investment in Breathe Charge via the Volvo Cars Tech Fund. This initiative reflects Volvo’s mission to pioneer solutions for a sustainable future and reshape the automotive landscape.

Building on a Strong Foundation in Electrification

Volvo Cars‘ decision to integrate Breathe Charge is bolstered by their impressive performance in 2023. The company achieved record-breaking core operating profits and sales figures, demonstrating their strong market position and unwavering commitment to electric vehicles. This strategic investment further underscores Volvo Cars’ leadership role in driving the electric mobility revolution.

A Proven Leader in Battery Innovation: Breathe

Founded in 2019, Breathe Battery Technologies is a company at the forefront of battery management software development. Their mission aligns with Volvo’s โ€“ to create a faster, better, and more sustainable future for electrification. Breathe’s solutions, including Breathe Charge and Breathe Life, are already utilized by leading brands in the EV and consumer electronics industries. This widespread adoption is a testament to the effectiveness and potential of their technology. By partnering with Breathe, Volvo Cars gains access to cutting-edge solutions that will benefit their customers and solidify their position as a leader in sustainable electric vehicles.

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