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Clean & Green Tours: VEV Electrifies Iconic Tootbus Fleet

London’s red double-deckers are gearing up for a greener future! In a groundbreaking partnership, sightseeing leader Tootbus and fleet electrification pioneer VEV, backed by world leader in energy Vitol, are joining forces to revolutionize sustainable tourism in the British capital. This exciting collaboration goes beyond simply replacing gas guzzlers with electric buses, offering a comprehensive roadmap for a cleaner, greener future.

Embracing Renewables: Powering Progress Today and Tomorrow

VEV isn’t simply replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles; they’re pumping renewable energy into Tootbus’ current electric fleet. Right now, three electric vehicles run on 100% clean power. But that’s just the beginning. The installation of the first 10 EV chargers at Tootbus’ depot marks the initial stages of a fully electrified future, drastically reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Sunshine on Wheels: Solar Power Takes Center Stage

The partnership aims even higher with ambitious plans for roof-mounted solar panels at Tootbus’ Wandsworth depot. Once approved, this innovative system will generate an impressive 65,000 kWh, enough to power a staggering 60,000 kilometers of sightseeing journeys โ€“ completely powered by the sun and independent of the grid! Imagine gliding through London’s bustling streets, bathed in sunshine and propelled by renewable energy โ€“ a groundbreaking concept with industry-wide potential.

Optimizing Every Watt: Smart Charging for Smooth Operations

VEV’s cutting-edge VEV-IQ smart energy management platform empowers Tootbus with real-time insights into power supply, charging infrastructure, and vehicle usage. This data goldmine allows for optimized charging schedules, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing costs. It’s like having a virtual co-pilot, ensuring smooth operations and a minimized environmental footprint.

Carbon Countdown: Leaving a Greener Legacy

VEV’s comprehensive electrification solution isn’t just about fancy tech; it’s about measurable impact. Tootbus’ annual carbon emissions are projected to plummet by a staggering 15,567 kg, significantly contributing to London’s sustainability goals. And the ambition doesn’t stop there. By 2029, Tootbus’ entire fleet will be fully electric, surpassing the Mayor’s push for green vehicles and setting a powerful example for the industry.

Beyond London: Charting a Global Course for Sustainable Travel

This collaboration’s impact transcends London’s iconic landmarks. It serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the power of partnerships and innovation in tackling climate change. By embracing electric mobility and championing renewable energy solutions, VEV and Tootbus are pioneering a cleaner future for the global tourism industry. Their model becomes a roadmap for companies worldwide, showcasing the feasibility and economic benefits of transitioning to sustainable transportation.

A Catalyst for Change: Inspiring a Greener Future

This groundbreaking initiative is more than just an electrification project; it’s a catalyst for positive change. Mike Nakrani, CEO of VEV, echoes this sentiment, stating, “We believe that electrifying fleets isn’t just about replacing vehicles; it’s about creating a more sustainable future for everyone. Our partnership with Tootbus is a prime example of how collaborative innovation can pave the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Not only will it benefit London’s tourism industry, but it also sets a powerful example for businesses worldwide.”

Mike Nakrani, CEO of VEV

Looking Ahead: A Roadmap for a Sustainable Future

The Tootbus and VEV collaboration doesn’t stop at electrification. They’re constantly exploring innovative solutions, like piloting microgrids with battery storage and exploring future-proofed infrastructure that adapts to advancements in battery technology and charging solutions. These initiatives pave the way for a future where sustainable tourism isn’t just a dream, but a tangible reality.

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