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Rightcharge Makes Home Charging Easy for Fleets with Innovative Payment Solution

Managing an electric vehicle (EV) fleet presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to home charging. Ensuring accurate billing, seamless payments, and cost-effectiveness can be complex for fleet managers. To address this challenge, Rightcharge, a UK-based company focused on simplifying the EV ownership experience, has developed a game-changing solution that streamlines home charging for fleets, driving cost savings and sustainability.

Effortless Streamlining and Automated Payments

Rightcharge’s solution stands out for its seamless integration and automated payments:

  • Automatic Rate Detection: Drivers easily link their home energy accounts to the app, allowing for automatic detection of electricity rates, regardless of smart meter presence. This eliminates manual adjustments and ensures accurate billing, saving companies and drivers valuable time and resources.
  • Seamless Integration: Rightcharge seamlessly integrates with existing systems, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for both fleet managers and drivers.

Accuracy and User-Friendly Experience

Accurate home charging measurement is guaranteed through integrations with popular home charge points and connected vehicle systems. For those lacking compatible equipment, Rightcharge offers a convenient manual upload option, ensuring all drivers benefit from direct-to-energy-supplier payments. This user-friendly approach simplifies the charging experience and enhances overall convenience.

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

Rightcharge is dedicated to continuous improvement, planning to introduce fraud protection and multi-EV features soon. Additionally, they are developing a split-savings feature allowing fleets to incentivize employees who switch to low-rate EV tariffs, potentially saving over £1,000 per year per driver (approximately $1,210 USD). These advancements solidify Rightcharge’s commitment to driving cost efficiencies and sustainability in fleet electrification.

Getting Started and Pricing

The Rightcharge Electric Fuel Card, including the home charging plan, is now available to new customers. Fleet administrators register through the app and invite their drivers. Upon registration, both administrators and drivers access detailed data on their charging activity, costs, and carbon emissions through separate portals. The home charging plan is competitively priced at £9.99 per driver per month (approximately $12.05 USD), with a 30-day trial available for interested businesses.

Executive Optimism and Future Vision

Charlie Cook, CEO of Rightcharge, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to introduce our home charging solution, offering businesses a seamless and automated way to manage their EV fleets. This marks a significant step forward in fleet electrification, and with our upcoming public charge card and workplace integrations, we’re poised to further simplify the transition to electric mobility.”

About Rightcharge

Founded in 2019, Rightcharge has become the leading UK platform for:

  • Charge point installations: Simplifying charging infrastructure installation for businesses and individuals.
  • EV tariff comparisons: Helping users find the most cost-effective electricity plans for their EV needs.

Their focus on customer-centric services and a seamless online journey has positioned them as a trusted partner for major companies like Mercedes Electric Vans, Lookers, and MoneySuperMarket. Rightcharge’s mission is to make EV charging easier, affordable, and accessible to all, driving the transition towards a sustainable transportation future.

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