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CTEK Unveils CC3: Shaping the Future of EV Charging

Embarking on a New Chapter in Electric Vehicle Charging

CTEK, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has unveiled the CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 3 (CC3). This marks a significant advancement in the EV charging domain. With its innovative features like bidirectional Vehicle to Grid (V2G) charging, and intuitive ‘plug & charge’ functionality, the CC3 is engineered to streamline the EV charging experience. Importantly, it supports the accelerating shift towards electric mobility.

Leveraging Years of Expertise for Tomorrow’s Technology

Building on a solid foundation, CTEK has over a decade of experience in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) design and manufacturing. The company’s latest offering, the CC3, reflects a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market. As a result, the CHARGESTORM CONNECTED series has become a familiar name in Europe for its reliability and efficiency. Now, it has paved the way for the CC3’s cutting-edge capabilities, designed to meet the demands of an expanding EV ecosystem.

Features Tailored for the Modern EV Landscape

The CC3 is not just about charging. Furthermore, it provides a secure, adaptable, and future-proof solution for EV owners and infrastructure providers alike. It boasts dual charging options and up to 22kW of power. Also, it complies with the latest safety and communication standards. This makes it a perfect fit for public, residential, and workplace settings. Additionally, its design anticipates the future of electric mobility, readying users for advancements in V2G and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) technologies.

Connectivity and Installation Simplified

Recognizing the importance of connectivity, the CC3 offers Wi-Fi, optional 4G, and dual ethernet capabilities. This ensures reliable network connections across various environments. Also, CTEK’s innovative approach to energy management, featuring dynamic load balancing with Nanogrid technology, enhances the charging process’s efficiency and safety. The streamlined installation process, with a redesigned mounting bracket and flexible cabling options, reflects CTEK’s commitment to user-friendly design and functionality.

Empowering the Future of E-Mobility

According to Daniel Forsberg, CTEK’s Marketing Manager for EVSE, the CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 3 is more than a piece of equipment. Indeed, it’s a key player in the evolution towards an interconnected and efficient e-mobility landscape. CTEK envisions a future where electric vehicles are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. They are supported by innovative charging solutions that facilitate not just transportation but a shift towards sustainable living.

ctek CC3
source: CTEK

The launch of the CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 3 by CTEK is a significant step forward. It moves us towards a more sustainable, efficient, and connected world of electric mobility. It’s not just about keeping up with the times; it’s about setting the pace for the future of transportation.

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