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Delta Unveils UFC 500: A Game-Changer for Ultra-Fast EV Charging

Delta, a global leader in power management solutions, has announced the launch of the UFC 500, a revolutionary 500kW DC ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charger. This innovation addresses the growing demand for high-power charging while tackling space limitations, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable transportation future.

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

The UFC 500 boasts an impressive power-to-footprint ratio, making it ideal for locations with limited space. It can fully charge a heavy-duty electric vehicle (e-truck/e-bus) with a large battery in just two hours, providing a full day’s operational range at 460 kW. For public charging applications, it can simultaneously charge two modern EVs at 250 kW each, significantly reducing charging times.

Advanced Technology, Streamlined Operations

The UFC 500 leverages cutting-edge silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor technology, ensuring high efficiency and a compact, lightweight design. This translates to a smaller footprint and easier maintenance. The system boasts complete integration, including network connectivity, backward compatibility, and energy management, simplifying setup and management for long-term durability.

Built to Endure

The UFC 500’s robust, all-weather exterior design meets stringent IP55 and IK10 standards, guaranteeing reliability in harsh environments. It also features a user-friendly cable management system with a moving arm that extends the reach up to four meters, enhancing practicality. Additionally, an integrated credit card payment solution simplifies transactions for both operators and users.

Smart Grid Integration and Sustainability

The UFC 500 seamlessly integrates with DeltaGridĀ® EVM, a smart energy management system. This system allows for grouping chargers, prioritization, scheduling, and configurable charging power limits, while also leveraging time-of-use tariff arbitrage. DeltaGridĀ® EVM helps reduce a site’s carbon footprint and operational costs through peak shaving, preventing overloads and ensuring grid stability. Furthermore, the UFC 500 is compatible with Delta’s renewable energy and energy storage solutions, promoting a sustainable charging infrastructure.

A Glimpse into the Future

The UFC 500 will be showcased at the upcoming Nordic EV Summit. Delta’s innovation promises to set new benchmarks in EV charging technology, accelerating the transition towards a cleaner and electrified future.

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