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MoveEV’s ReimburseEV Enhances Fleet Charging with Geotab Integration

MoveEV, a leading provider of EV charging software and services in the U.S., has partnered with Canadian telematics company Geotab to bring a transformative solution to electric vehicle (EV) fleet management. The collaboration introduces MoveEV’s ReimburseEV software into the Geotab Marketplace, a comprehensive ecosystem for charging management.

Streamlining EV Charging for Fleets

This strategic integration is tailored to simplify the charging process for a diverse range of EVs and plug-in hybrids, especially for fleets. With ReimburseEV, MoveEV offers a unified platform for home-charging reimbursement, addressing a significant need in the EV fleet sector.

Simplified Charging Data Access

ReimburseEV’s integration with Geotab allows for direct access to charging data from fleet vehicles, accommodating all charger types, including trickle chargers. This streamlined process aids in generating detailed, IRS-compliant receipts for each home charging event, thereby simplifying the reimbursement process for fleet managers and drivers.

ReimburseEV Solution, source: MoveEV

Economic and Environmental Benefits

The MoveEV-Geotab partnership not only simplifies fleet management but also promotes economic efficiency. By enabling off-peak home charging, companies can enjoy reduced operational costs while minimizing the need for extensive on-site charging infrastructure.

User-Friendly Software Solutions

David Lewis, CEO of MoveEV, highlights the synergy between MoveEV’s user-friendly software and Geotab’s advanced telematics solutions. This integration is set to enhance the service offering for businesses and government organizations transitioning to greener fleets.

ReimburseEV: A Comprehensive Fleet Charging Solution

ReimburseEV stands out as a top-tier solution for accurate and compliant electricity use reimbursement. Its seamless integration with Geotab equips fleet managers with a hassle-free setup, effortless monthly utility bill uploads, and precise electricity usage calculations.

Admin Efficiency and Custom Integration

The solution offers a convenient admin portal for easy management of reimbursement programs, including accurate accounting for each driver and IRS-compliant receipt issuance. Furthermore, ReimburseEV is pre-configured for integration with Concur and Geotab, with options for custom integrations to suit different fleet management workflows.

Paving the Way for Efficient EV Fleet Management

The MoveEV and Geotab partnership through ReimburseEV is a significant leap forward in EV fleet management. It represents a combination of technological innovation, economic efficiency, and environmental responsibility. As EV adoption grows, especially in the fleet sector, solutions like ReimburseEV are crucial in addressing the unique challenges of EV charging and reimbursement, setting new standards in the industry.

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