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E-CHARGE 2024 Plugs In to Success

The second edition of E-CHARGE 2024, a leading international exhibition dedicated to electric vehicle charging, concluded with a resounding success. Held in Bologna, Italy, the event attracted a record-breaking 4,000 attendees over two days (May 7th and 8th).

A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration

E-CHARGE 2024 served as a central meeting point for the entire EV charging supply chain. From charging stations and infrastructure to cutting-edge technologies and components, the event offered a comprehensive overview of this rapidly growing market. Professionals from across the industry gathered to network, discuss current research and advancements, and explore solutions for navigating the energy transition.

A Showcase of Diversity and Forward Thinking

The exhibition floor at BolognaFiere buzzed with a diverse range of exhibitors. Alongside established companies, a dedicated area highlighted innovative startups pushing the boundaries of electric mobility with fresh ideas and promising solutions. This fostered valuable dialogue and potential business opportunities between established players and the next generation of innovators.

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Conferences, Workshops, and a Look Back

Beyond the exhibition itself, E-CHARGE 2024 offered a rich program of conferences, workshops, and seminars led by over 150 speakers from academia, research centers, and industry associations. Topics ranged from market trends and supply chains to the future of charging infrastructure and home charging solutions. Additionally, the captivating exhibition “Back to the Future: Two Centuries of Electric” took visitors on a historical journey, showcasing the evolution of electric vehicles from the 19th century to the present day.

Looking Ahead: E-CHARGE 2025 and Beyond

With E-CHARGE 2024’s success, organizers are already gearing up for an even bigger and broader event in 2025. Scheduled for June 4th and 5th, E-CHARGE 2025 will be part of the ambitious 2025 Project, incorporating three interconnected events:

An exciting addition for 2025 is TRAFFIC 2025, the first Italian exhibition dedicated to urban mobility. This expanded format will explore innovative strategies and solutions for creating more sustainable and efficient urban transportation systems, further solidifying E-CHARGE’s position as a central platform for shaping the future of electric mobility.

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