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Ev.energy and Flexitricity Unlock EV Potential with Smart Charging

While the EV revolution promises a cleaner transportation future, integrating a growing number of EVs into the grid requires innovative solutions. Fortunately, a groundbreaking collaboration between ev.energy and Flexitricity is demonstrating how smart charging technology can unlock the hidden potential of EVs, transforming them from mere consumers of electricity into active grid participants.

A Pioneering Partnership

This innovative partnership marks a significant milestone. It’s the first time EV charging flexibility has been utilized within National Grid ESO’s Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) service in the UK. Traditionally, participation in these markets was reserved for larger players. ev.energy and Flexitricity are changing the game by integrating smaller, distributed resources like EVs, paving the way for a more dynamic and efficient energy system.

The Power of Smart Charging

The secret lies in ev.energy’s intelligent charging platform. This platform seamlessly connects with a network of EVs and chargers, enabling precise control over charging schedules. When the grid experiences peak demand or unexpected generation outages, National Grid ESO calls upon STOR reserves. Here’s where the collaboration shines. Flexitricity, through its well-established virtual power plant (VPP), communicates with ev.energy to temporarily adjust charging rates for participating EV owners. This strategic shift in charging behavior frees up valuable grid capacity without compromising drivers’ needs.

Mutual Benefits

This initiative offers a win-win situation for all stakeholders. EV drivers can benefit from participation in grid services programs, potentially receiving financial rewards for their flexibility. The power grid gains crucial additional reserves, enhancing stability and resilience during periods of stress. Ultimately, this innovation contributes to a cleaner energy future by facilitating the integration of more renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

A Glimpse into the Future

The ev.energy and Flexitricity collaboration signifies a giant leap forward for smart EV charging. It showcases the potential for EVs to become active contributors to the grid, not just passive consumers. Looking ahead, new National Grid ESO flexibility services like Quick and Slow Reserve promise to further unlock the potential of EV charging, offering even greater value to EV drivers and the entire energy sector.

More Than Just Collaboration

This project goes beyond just a partnership. It aligns with a broader UK effort to open up energy markets and integrate distributed energy resources. Initiatives by National Grid ESO and Distribution System Operators are paving the way for a more flexible and efficient grid. Additionally, support from the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero and the regulator Ofgem is fostering innovation and encouraging participation from new players like ev.energy and Flexitricity.

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