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$200M Boosts Commercial EV Charging in U.S

The EV revolution is roaring forward, leaving a trail of reduced emissions in its wake. However, a critical gap remains for commercial fleets – the lifeblood of logistics. These workhorses, essential for deliveries and waste collection, require robust, high-powered charging solutions to power their clean miles. This is where a new partnership between EV Realty and GreenPoint Partners aims to accelerate the commercial EV revolution.

A $200 Million Partnership to Power Up Fleets

EV Realty, a leader in commercial fleet EV infrastructure, and GreenPoint Partners, a sustainability-focused real estate investment firm, have joined forces in a groundbreaking $200 million project. They’ll establish a network of “Powered Properties” across California and other key U.S. markets.

These strategically located charging hubs will cater specifically to medium and heavy-duty EVs, which require significantly more power than passenger car chargers. By addressing this critical need, the partnership aims to unlock the full potential of commercial fleet electrification.

Unlocking the Grid Challenge: Prioritizing Capacity

EV Realty brings deep expertise in grid-optimized infrastructure. Their “grid-first” strategy prioritizes acquiring sites with strong grid capacity. Traditional grids may struggle with the surge in demand from large fleets, so focusing on locations with existing grid strength ensures reliable and scalable charging solutions.

Real Estate Expertise: Finding Strategic Locations

GreenPoint Partners contributes extensive experience in commercial real estate investment. Their ability to identify and acquire strategic sites in key logistics markets is instrumental. Furthermore, these locations will be conveniently situated near major transportation corridors, minimizing downtime for fleet operators and optimizing delivery routes.

Benefits for All: A Win-Win Collaboration

The EV Realty and GreenPoint partnership offers a win-win for various stakeholders:

  • Fleet Operators: Gain access to strategically located, high-power charging hubs with dedicated access, reduced costs, and faster charging times. This streamlines operations and accelerates the switch to electric vehicles.
  • California Policymakers: Support for the state’s climate goals comes from rapidly scaling charging infrastructure for commercial fleets, contributing to cleaner air quality. In turn, this reduction in emissions benefits public health and the environment.
  • Investors: Powered Properties represent an emerging asset class capitalizing on the EV transportation movement. These strategically located hubs offer a compelling investment opportunity.

Building on a Strong Foundation: Proven Track Record

EV Realty has a successful track record, having installed 70 Supercharger hubs and over 7,000 EV chargers in California alone. Their existing projects showcase their expertise. This experience ensures efficient development and implementation of the Powered Properties network.

A Shared Vision for the Future: Collaboration Paves the Way

“This partnership brings together two organizations with a shared commitment to long-term electrification,” says Chris Green, GreenPoint CEO. “Our expertise combined with EV Realty’s Powered Properties structure will create a scalable solution for large fleets.”

This collaboration by EV Realty and GreenPoint Partners is a significant step forward for electrifying commercial transportation. By establishing a network of strategically located, high-powered charging hubs, the project paves the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future. With a focus on grid capacity, strategic real estate acquisition, and streamlined operations, this partnership offers a solution to overcome the commercial EV charging conundrum and accelerate the green revolution on the highway.

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