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Midea & Nio Partner to Power Up Smart & Sustainable EVs

Chinese manufacturing giant Midea Group and electric vehicle (EV) leader Nio joined forces on April 10th through a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to make a significant leap forward in “smart” manufacturing for new energy vehicles.

A Win-Win for Smarter EVs

The agreement establishes broad teamwork across several key areas:

  • New Energy Vehicle Parts:Ā Building on their existing partnership, Midea and Nio will co-develop cutting-edge technology for smart EVs. This includes air conditioning compressors, electric drives, integrated thermal management systems, and in-car refrigerators.
  • Automating and Digitizing Operations:Ā Midea will leverage its expertise in robotics and digital solutions to streamline Nio’s operations. This involves cooperation on industrial robots, automation solutions across various industries, motion control systems, and intelligent logistics.
  • Sustainability:Ā The partnership extends beyond this. Both companies will share knowledge and collaborate to achieve carbon neutrality. Midea will contribute its experience in developing sustainable solutions.

Shared Vision for an Electric Future

Midea Group Chairman and President Fang Hongbo expressed optimism, hoping “every Nio car will have parts made by Midea.” He also stressed the importance of collaborative R&D to overcome challenges in the new energy vehicle industry.

Nio Founder, Chairman, and CEO Li Bin echoed this sentiment, highlighting the benefits of their collaboration. “By electrifying with Midea, we can improve the technology roadmap for new energy vehicles and break the current model of fixed-point component sourcing,” he stated.

This strategic alliance is a win-win for both companies. Midea gains a valuable partner for its new energy vehicle component business, while Nio benefits from access to Midea’s advanced technologies and expertise. Ultimately, this collaboration is expected to accelerate the development of smart and sustainable new energy vehicles, paving the way for a future with more electric cars.

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