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Nio’s 2024 EV Charging Revolution: New Swap Stations & Superchargers

Nio has taken a significant leap in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology with the unveiling of its fourth-generation battery swap station and a powerful 640-kW DC charger. These advancements were announced alongside Nio’s new flagship model, the ET9, on a landmark Nio Day, signaling the company’s commitment to pioneering EV charging solutions.

Fourth-Generation Battery Swap Stations

Nio’s latest battery swap station is a marvel of technology and efficiency. With 23 battery bays, it can provide 480 services daily, enhancing service time by 22%. Powered by four Nvidia Orin X chips and equipped with six ultra-wide-angle LiDARs, these stations offer a staggering 1,016 Tops of computing power. Set for installation starting in April 2024, these stations are designed for multi-size battery packs and will support shared battery swap services across multiple brands. An added eco-friendly feature is the 60-square-meter photovoltaic system, which aims to save nearly 18,000 kWh of electricity annually per station.

A fully automatic battery swap in 3 minutes (source: Nio)

Third-Generation Battery Swap Stations: A Success Story

Nio’s current third-generation swap stations have already set a high standard in the industry. Capable of storing up to 21 battery packs, they have increased service capacity by 30% and reduced battery change time to just 2 minutes and 30 seconds. These stations, powered by two LiDARs and two NVIDIA Orin chips (508 Tops total), exemplify Nio’s innovative approach to EV charging.

Cutting-Edge Supercharger Technology

Complementing the battery swap stations is Nio’s fourth-generation supercharger pile. With a peak power output of 640 kW, a current output of 765 A, and a voltage output of 1,000 V, these superchargers redefine fast charging. The supercharger’s liquid-cooled charging gun cable, claimed to be the lightest in the industry, ensures efficient power distribution and maximizes charging efficiency. Set for installation in April 2024, these superchargers will further enhance Nio’s charging infrastructure.

Expanding Charging Infrastructure

Nio’s ambitious plan includes deploying 1,000 more battery swap stations and 20,000 charging piles across China by the end of 2024. The current 500-kW charging piles, introduced in March 2023, have already made a significant impact, offering rapid charging times for both 800 V and 400 V platforms.

Nio’s Vision for the Future of EV Charging

Nio’s latest innovations in battery swap and charging technology not only improve the EV charging experience but also demonstrate the company’s vision for a future where electric mobility is seamless, efficient, and environmentally friendly. As Nio continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in EV charging, it cements its position as a leader in the electric vehicle industry.

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