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HSG Laser Expands Globally with New Thailand Facility

HSG Laser, a leading force in metal shaping solutions, has taken a significant step towards solidifying its global dominance. The company recently opened its first manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand, further bolstering its international presence and solidifying its commitment to Southeast Asia.

A Strategic Expansion for Regional Support

This new facility in Bangkok is a cornerstone of HSG’s “Growing Global, Linking Local” strategy. It plays a pivotal role by strengthening their presence in Southeast Asia, allowing them to better support their burgeoning customer base in the region. The state-of-the-art facility boasts a production capacity of 2,000 units annually, featuring world-class laser cutting production lines.

Expanding Capabilities for Global Markets

The Bangkok facility expands HSG Laser’s already impressive production capabilities. The company currently boasts over 2,000 employees and holds over 400 patents. Across 100 countries, over 25,000 of their metal shaping machines are actively contributing to various industries.

HSG Laser’s new facility in Bangkok, Thailand

A Global Network for Innovation and Support

HSG Laser’s global reach extends beyond Thailand. Their Chicago headquarters oversees North American operations, while their Düsseldorf base serves as the European hub. Additionally, their innovative R&D center in Tokyo fuels the company’s constant pursuit of technological advancements.

Affordable Excellence: The Key to Success

HSG Laser’s meteoric rise within the metal shaping industry can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, best-in-class solutions at accessible price points. This dedication to affordability has been instrumental in their success and empowers their clients to achieve growth without compromising on quality.

A New Era for HSG Laser: Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

“Our new production facility in Thailand and our global expansion plans mark a new era for HSG Laser,” says Paolo Musante, Managing Advisor to HSG. “We’re not just expanding our footprint; we’re shaping the future of manufacturing in every corner of the globe.” He emphasizes how HSG Laser’s focus on “cutting-edge, affordable, and sustainable metal shaping solutions” empowers their clients with the tools to grow rapidly while simultaneously enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This global network further cements HSG Laser’s position as the industry’s most reliable partner for metal shaping solutions.

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