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Lost in the European Mobility Maze? M3E Policy Report Offers Clarity

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of sustainable mobility regulations in Europe can be a daunting task for companies. M3E, a Berlin-based sustainable mobility consultancy, aims to simplify this process with their new report: “Sustainable Mobility – Europe 2024: These Rules Move Europe.”

Cutting Through the Confusion

Companies often struggle to stay informed about all the regulations, missing out on valuable incentives and potentially facing legal risks. The M3E report seeks to address this challenge by offering a comprehensive and searchable overview of relevant legislation.

A One-Stop Shop for Mobility Regulations

This report provides a systematic analysis of both EU-wide policies and national/regional regulations across 27 EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, and the UK. It goes beyond simple summaries, offering expert commentary and specific recommendations tailored to individual business needs.

Key Features of the M3E Policy Report:

  • Clear overview of funding opportunities: Understand the financial landscape for sustainable mobility initiatives.
  • Comprehensive analysis of non-monetary incentives: Gain insights into additional support available beyond just funding.
  • Detailed information on regulations: Stay informed about tax measures, restrictions, and other mobility-related regulations.
  • Expert recommendations: Utilize actionable guidance for navigating the complex regulatory environment.

A Strategic Tool for Businesses

The M3E Policy Report empowers companies โ€“ from fleet managers and OEMs to logistics and delivery providers โ€“ to make informed decisions and plan strategically for the future of mobility. It provides a critical tool for:

  • Understanding current regulations: Ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues.
  • Identifying funding opportunities: Maximize financial support for sustainable mobility initiatives.
  • Developing strategic plans: Navigate the evolving landscape and capitalize on emerging trends.

Beyond the Report: Ongoing Support from M3E

M3E’s extensive experience in sustainable mobility consultancy allows them to offer further support. They maintain one of the most comprehensive databases of funding opportunities in Europe and provide customized reviews tailored to individual business needs.

Availability and Language Options

The M3E Policy Report is available for purchase in four languages (English, German, French, and Spanish) and will be updated annually.


Dr. Christian Milan, Founder and CEO of M3E, emphasizes the report’s purpose: “We understand the challenges companies face, so we created this resource to empower them with the knowledge they need to thrive in the dynamic world of sustainable mobility.”

Daniel Yanev, Consultant and Team Lead Subsidy Database Europe, highlights the report’s value: “Our report equips companies with the data, analysis, and practical recommendations they need to make informed decisions and plan strategically.”

Order Your Copy Today!

To order your copy of the M3E Policy Report and gain a clear understanding of European sustainable mobility regulations, visit:pen_spark

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