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McMurtry & About:Energy Team Up for High-Performance EV Batteries

The world of high-performance electric vehicles (EVs) is poised for a dramatic change. In a groundbreaking collaboration, About:Energy, a leading innovator in battery development software, has joined forces with McMurtry Automotive. This strategic partnership aims to significantly enhance the battery technology powering McMurtry’s record-breaking SpĂ©irling and SpĂ©irling PURE customer cars.

Unlocking the Powerhouse: The Cutting-Edge Molicel P50B Battery

This exciting partnership brings together the best of both worlds. McMurtry’s expertise in pushing the boundaries of EV innovation perfectly complements About:Energy’s unparalleled knowledge in battery testing and modelling. Consequently, the collaboration focuses on unlocking the full potential of the cutting-edge Molicel P50B battery.

The Molicel P50B: A Game-Changer for EVs

Boasting a 5.0Ah 21700 form factor lithium-ion cell, the Molicel P50B delivers an industry-leading power-to-energy ratio and the highest energy density ever recorded (260 Wh/kg or 714 Wh/l), surpassing previous benchmarks. This innovative battery technology promises to revolutionize the performance of high-performance EVs.

About:Energy Takes the Wheel on Battery Optimization

About:Energy plays a critical role in this partnership. They will leverage their world-class facilities and expertise to meticulously analyze the P50B cell’s performance. This in-depth analysis will provide McMurtry engineers with crucial data. Furthermore, McMurtry engineers can integrate this data into their battery pack design and simulations. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize efficiency in fast charging and extend cycle life for the SpĂ©irling’s battery pack.

Accelerating Battery Knowledge Transfer: About:Energy CEO

Gavin White, CEO and Co-Founder of About:Energy, emphasizes the groundbreaking nature of this collaboration: “We’re working closely with McMurtry to achieve the fastest and most comprehensive battery knowledge transfer ever. We aim to eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming in-house testing. By providing companies and their engineers with direct access to world-leading battery intelligence, we empower them to build better batteries and accelerate development timelines by reducing reliance on physical testing.

McMurtry’s SpĂ©irling: A Force to be Reckoned With

McMurtry is renowned for pushing the boundaries of EV performance. Their SpĂ©irling hypercar established itself as one of the world’s fastest pure electric vehicles at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb, achieving a record-breaking time of 39.08 seconds. More recently, it smashed the 0-60mph barrier with a remarkable time of just 1.40 seconds. This partnership with About:Energy promises to further elevate the SpĂ©irling’s performance capabilities.

Beyond Spéirling: A Look at the Future of EVs

This partnership extends beyond its immediate benefits for McMurtry’s SpĂ©irling. It also highlights About:Energy’s expanding offerings, particularly the crucial role of battery development software in high-performance applications like motorsports and hypercars. By empowering engineers with advanced data and virtual tools, About:Energy is paving the way for a future of even more powerful and efficient electric vehicles.

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