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Ford and Allego Team Up to Charge Up Europe’s EV Future

European drivers considering the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) just got a welcome boost. Ford and Allego, a leading European EV charging network, have joined forces to equip hundreds of Ford dealerships across the continent with cutting-edge ultra-fast charging stations.

This strategic partnership significantly expands convenient and reliable charging solutions for EV owners. Allego’s high-powered chargers, delivering up to 400 kW, will begin rolling out this year. These chargers will seamlessly integrate with Ford’s existing public charging network, the BlueOval Charge Network. With over 600,000 charging points already available in 36 European countries, this collaboration reinforces Ford’s commitment to a fully electric future by 2035.

Faster Charging for All

The high-powered Allego chargers are a game-changer for EV drivers. Charging times will be dramatically reduced, making quick top-ups during dealership visits a convenient reality. This addresses a key concern for potential EV buyers who may be hesitant due to concerns about replicating the rapid refueling experience of gasoline vehicles.

Benefits Beyond Ford

The partnership isn’t exclusive to Ford customers. In fact, the Allego chargers will be accessible to all EV drivers, regardless of vehicle brand, as long as their car offers DC charging capability. This fosters inclusivity and promotes the broader adoption of EVs across Europe. However, Ford customers will enjoy some additional perks. They can leverage preferential charging rates using their FordPass Charging Card, the FordPass app, or the Plug & Charge technology for a seamless and secure charging experience.

Confidence in a Sustainable Future

Charging infrastructure is crucial for giving consumers the confidence to embrace electric vehicles,” said Joerg Hofmeister, Ford’s European Head of Charging & Energy, Ford Model e. “Our partnership with Allego will make charging faster and more convenient, encouraging more drivers to consider the benefits of zero-emission vehicles like our new electric Explorer.

This strategic move aligns with Ford’s ambitious electrification goals. The American automaker plans to achieve a 100% electric line-up for passenger and commercial vehicles in Europe by 2035. By providing readily available ultra-fast charging solutions at their dealerships, Ford goes beyond enhancing the customer experience and actively promotes the widespread adoption of EVs in Europe.

Allego: Powering a Sustainable Future

Allego shares Ford’s commitment to a cleaner future. As a leading provider of EV charging solutions, Allego is dedicated to accelerating the transition to electric mobility powered by 100% renewable energy. Their extensive network of over 35,000 charging points across 16 countries, and growing, signifies their dedication to making EV charging accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable for all.

This Ford-Allego partnership is a positive development for the European EV market. By prioritizing convenience, accessibility, and sustainability, this collaboration paves the way for a more electrified future on European roads.

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