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Osprey Charging Drives Accessibility with Paralympian Olivia Breen as Ambassador

Osprey Charging, a leading EV charging network in the UK, has partnered with celebrated British Paralympian Olivia Breen, reinforcing their commitment to accessible EV charging. This collaboration elevates Osprey’s position as a champion of inclusivity within the EV industry.

Breen, a three-time Paralympian and double Commonwealth Games champion, joins Osprey as their official ambassador. Her achievements and advocacy for inclusivity perfectly align with Osprey’s core values. As the first UK CPO (charge point operator) to design and build accessible public EV charging hubs, Osprey has consistently been at the forefront of accessibility.

Beyond Physical Space: A Holistic Approach to Accessibility

Accessibility for Osprey is a multifaceted concept. It extends beyond just providing physical space and charger access for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. Osprey prioritizes usability features that benefit all drivers, such as:

  • Wide bays for easy maneuvering
  • Low kerbs for smooth access
  • Optimized charger heights for convenient use
  • Intuitive user interfaces for effortless interaction
  • Contactless payment systems for one-handed transactions

Inclusive Design for a Seamless Charging Experience

Osprey’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond the physical realm. They prioritize improved usability, clear visual communication, and contactless payment systems. These features ensure a seamless charging experience for all drivers, regardless of their mobility challenges.

Dedication to Continuous Improvement

All new Osprey charging sites, from high-power hubs to urban compact locations, are meticulously designed to maximize accessibility while optimizing charging capacity within the available space. Osprey also works diligently to upgrade older sites for improved accessibility and a better driver experience.

A Shared Vision for Inclusive E-Mobility

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to welcome Olivia Breen to the Osprey team as our official ambassador. Her remarkable achievements and dedication to inclusivity perfectly complement our core values. Together, we will raise awareness about accessible charging infrastructure, empowering disabled drivers to confidently transition to electric mobility.”

Olivia Breen, the newly appointed Osprey Ambassador, echoed this sentiment: “I’m excited to partner with Osprey Charging and contribute to their mission of making EV charging accessible to everyone. Osprey’s commitment to inclusive design and an improved charging experience is truly commendable. Together, we can inspire confidence in drivers of all abilities to embrace electric vehicles.”

Leading the Charge for Accessibility

Osprey’s dedication to accessibility extends further. They were selected by Motability Operations, the UK’s leading leasing company for disabled people, as their first CPO partner. This collaboration allows Motability Scheme EV drivers to locate Osprey charging stations, charge their vehicles, and pay seamlessly through the Motability Go Charge App, all while reviewing accessibility features at each location.

Driving a Sustainable Future for All

As the UK’s EV charging landscape continues to evolve, Osprey Charging remains steadfast in its commitment to inclusivity. They empower drivers of all abilities to confidently embrace a sustainable electric future.

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