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Plug In or Miss Out: EV Charging Now Essential for Destinations

The electric vehicle revolution is forcing destinations to adapt. Daniel Forsberg, Marketing Manager EVSE at CTEK, warns that failing to offer convenient EV charging could mean losing a significant and growing customer base.

EV Drivers Expect Seamless Charging

EV drivers today expect a seamless charging experience, not just a hope of finding a spot. Imagine an EV driver with a low battery arriving at a shopping center, eager to spend money. Without charging options, they must choose between a long wait elsewhere or abandoning their shopping trip. This scenario is increasingly common for destinations lacking EV charging, putting them at a disadvantage.

UK’s EV Charging Boom Meets Growing Demand

The UK’s public charging network is booming, exceeding 60,000 devices and projected to reach 100,000 by next year. This rapid growth reflects the surge in demand for readily available EV charging. With over 1.1 million fully electric cars and 650,000 plug-in hybrids on UK roads, EV drivers are no longer a niche group. They represent a significant customer base destinations can’t ignore.

Diverse Charging Options for Different Needs

Public chargepoints (over 61,000) offer a variety of charging speeds to cater to different needs. Slower chargers, ideal for extended parking at destinations, dominate (over 80%). This caters to EV drivers seeking a top-up during a movie or a more substantial refill while shopping.

Compelling Case for Destinations, Affordable Solutions

Destinations lacking EV charging are excluding a valuable market segment, with many potential customers wielding higher purchasing power due to the current EV price premium. The good news? Installing EV charging is affordable. A range of options exist, from fully owned systems to partnerships with charging point companies, ensuring a model to fit any budget.

Beyond Business: A Sustainable Choice

Investing in EV charging isn’t just smart business; it’s a step towards a cleaner future. Increased charging availability encourages the adoption of electric vehicles, leading to positive environmental and air quality benefits.

The Bottom Line: Can You Afford to Not Charge Up?

The question for destinations isn’t whether they can afford EV charging, but rather if they can afford to miss out on the growing EV market. By offering convenient charging options, destinations position themselves as sustainable and customer-centric, attracting a loyal clientele in the evolving transportation landscape.

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