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Ex-Tesla Executives Join Getaway Space: Supercharging the Future of EV Charging

Get ready for a jolt in the EV charging industry! Getaway Space, a rising star, is poised to welcome several former Tesla executives as co-founders. This strategic move leverages their extensive experience to propel Getaway Space’s mission: crafting innovative charging solutions for the booming EV market.

Industry Veterans Take the Wheel

Tesla’s recent layoffs presented an unexpected opportunity for Getaway Space. They’ve secured the talents of seasoned professionals with a proven track record in EV infrastructure development. These aren’t just any executives; they’re the architects behind a vast network of Tesla Superchargers across Southern California, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology for maximum efficiency and sustainability. Their expertise extends beyond deployment, encompassing crucial aspects like infrastructure planning and project management. They’ve spearheaded the development of large-scale MegaHubs, showcasing their ability to navigate complex logistics and collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

A Driver-Centric Vision Beyond the Charger

“Getaway Space plans to build EV infrastructure that Tesla missed,” says Steve Kuh, CEO of Getaway Space. “We’re building it with the driver in mind. It’s not just about stations in parking lots. Drivers deserve a comfortable and secure environment with amenities like restrooms and workspaces.” Getaway Space recognizes that the EV charging experience goes beyond just powering the vehicle.

Filling the Gap Left by Tesla’s Disruption

Tesla’s recent layoffs highlight the complexities of EV charging. While they undeniably played a crucial role in expanding high-speed charging infrastructure, their sudden disruption has created a void. Getaway Space is uniquely positioned to fill this gap. By prioritizing driver comfort and convenience alongside charging efficiency, Getaway Space aims to not only continue progress but also enhance the overall EV charging experience.

Getaway Space: A Frontrunner in the EV Charging Revolution

Getaway Space is dedicated to providing cutting-edge charging solutions tailored to the needs of modern EV drivers. Their driver-centric design philosophy, combined with the expertise of industry veterans, positions them as a frontrunner in the EV charging revolution. With a focus on accelerating the global shift towards sustainable transportation, Getaway Space aims to transform the EV charging landscape.

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