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ZOOZ Power Boosts Charging on Israel’s Highway

ZOOZ Power, a leader in flywheel-based power boosters for ultra-fast EV charging, announced a successful collaboration to upgrade an “ON” charging station on Route 6, the vital Cross-Israel Highway. This project tackles grid limitations and enhances the EV driver experience on this heavily trafficked route.

Collaboration for Faster Charging

ZOOZ Power, a leader in flywheel-based power boosters for ultra-fast EV charging, joined forces with Dor-Alon, Israel’s top gas station network operator, and Afcon Electric Transportation, a prominent CPO, to establish the “ON” charging network – Israel’s premier ultra-fast charging infrastructure. This collaboration tackles the growing demand for faster charging options, particularly on major transportation corridors like the Cross-Israel Highway.

Innovation Solves Grid Constraints

The upgraded “ON” charging station on Route 6 leverages ZOOZ’s innovative power-boosting solution. This technology, featuring the ZOOZTER™-100 Power Booster and their proprietary Energy Management System (EMS), intelligently manages power distribution, overcoming limitations of the existing grid. Previously limited to one ultra-fast charger and two fast chargers, the station now boasts a significant upgrade: four ultra-fast (150kW) chargers supporting eight charging ports.

Enhanced Convenience for EV Drivers

“This collaboration significantly enhances the EV charging experience for Israeli drivers,” said Avi Cohen, ZOOZ Power’s Executive Chairman. “By maximizing existing grid capacity with our innovative technology, we’re accelerating the deployment of ultra-fast charging infrastructure. This translates to a more efficient and profitable charging network, ultimately benefiting drivers with faster and more convenient charging options.”

Building on Success

This project builds upon the success of a pilot program launched in January 2023. ZOOZ and its partners established an ultra-fast charging station at Dor-Alon’s “Mall-Zichron” station, proving the effectiveness of their approach. The positive outcome paved the way for expanding the collaboration to support additional “ON” charging sites across key transportation corridors. Plans are underway to implement ZOOZ’s solution and upgrade another “ON” site on the southern part of the Cross-Israel Highway, with an expected opening in the second quarter of 2024.

ZOOZ Power: Pioneering Sustainable EV Charging Solutions

ZOOZ Power is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ and TASE under the ticker ZOOZ. Their flywheel technology addresses grid limitations and allows for efficient power management at charging stations. Designed for longevity and environmental responsibility, their sustainable solutions empower partners to accelerate charging infrastructure deployment and profitability.

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