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Volue’s Smart Power Software Enhances A2A Energy Operations

In a significant advancement in the energy sector, Volue, a pioneer in technologies driving the green transition, has successfully implemented its advanced Smart Power software suite at A2A – Life Company. This strategic move is set to redefine energy management and optimization in the Italian power markets.

Pioneering a Smarter Energy Future with Volue

A2A, renowned for its diverse portfolio in hydro, thermal, solar, and wind power plants, will utilize Volue’s state-of-the-art software suite to refine its bidding and dispatch processes across various short-term markets. This includes day-ahead, intraday, reserves, and TSO nominations, marking a new era in strategic energy decision-making and plant production planning.

Navigating Market Complexities with Cutting-Edge Technology

The implementation of Volue’s Smart Power software suite comes at a critical juncture, as the energy sector grapples with market fluctuations and price volatility, primarily influenced by intermittent renewable energy sources. With this software, A2A is poised to optimize their asset portfolio, ensuring a seamless integration of renewable sources and flexible generation, thus supporting a robust energy transition.

Streamlining Operations with Sophisticated Algorithms and Automation

The collaboration between A2A and Volue goes beyond mere implementation. It has revolutionized A2A’s operational frameworks, enabling the application of complex algorithms and models to enhance efficiency and flexibility. This integration has also allowed for the automation of key daily operations, further bolstering A2A’s capacity to manage their diverse energy assets effectively.

Leadership Perspectives: A Unified Vision for a Sustainable Future

Trond Straume, CEO of Volue, celebrates the collaboration, emphasizing the significance of asset optimization and automation in navigating the evolving power markets. Marco Boninella of Volue underscores the adaptability of the Smart Power software suite, noting its capacity to replace and enhance A2A’s existing tailor-made processes.

Volue Mesh: The Core of Data-Driven Decision Making

Central to Volue’s Smart Power software is Volue Mesh, an innovative data management solution that offers a comprehensive framework for modeling interconnected portfolio elements. This facilitates enhanced data availability and accessibility, crucial for informed decision-making in the dynamic energy market.

About Volue and A2A: Driving Sustainable Industrial Strategies

Volue stands at the forefront of green transition technologies, with over 800 employees dedicated to providing innovative solutions across critical societal industries. A2A, with its focus on sustainability and a €16 billion investment in UN-aligned projects, is committed to actualizing energy transition and circular economy goals.

As Volue and A2A synergize their expertise, this collaboration is a testament to the evolving landscape of energy management, where innovation, sustainability, and strategic planning converge to shape a more sustainable future.

Source: Volue news release

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