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InstaVolt Charging Stations

InstaVolt is an electric vehicle charging station that provides fast charging services for electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

InstaVolt operates a network of DC charging stations that’re compatible with various electric vehicles, including popular models from Tesla, Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen.

The charging stations offered by InstaVolt have the capability to provide charging services up to 50 kW. This means that EV drivers can add 80 miles of range to their vehicles in 30 minutes of charging time. InstaVolt has already deployed charging stations across the UK and Europe with plans for expansion. These stations are conveniently located at places like supermarkets retail parks and service stations to ensure accessibility for EV drivers when they are, on the go.

InstaVolts charging stations utilize cutting edge technology. Have been designed to be user friendly. They come with instructions and simple payment methods. Users can conveniently make contactless payments using debit or credit cards without requiring any membership. This ensures that anyone can easily charge their EV at an InstaVolt station.
InstaVolt also offers an app that allows users to conveniently access information, about charging points check the status of chargers and make payments for their charging needs.

In summary InstaVolt presents an dependable solution for electric vehicle drivers who seek straightforward charging options while, on the move.

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