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Kia’s EV9: Revolutionizing Fast Charging with Plug & Charge

Kia is adopting Plug & Charge technology in Europe, starting with the EV9 and extending it to their entire electric vehicle lineup.

The journey begins with the EV9, Kia’s latest electric SUV. It’s the inaugural Kia model to boast Plug & Charge, a cutting-edge charging technology that empowers customers to connect their vehicles to charging stations effortlessly. No need for special recharge cards or mobile apps.

As the name implies, Plug & Charge simplifies the process. Just plug in your vehicle, and charging initiates automatically, without the hassle of prior identification or payment setup. Driver identification and payment integration are seamless.

Kia emphasizes the service’s security, rooted in the secure exchange of digital certificates between the vehicle and the charging station. This process identifies the customer’s account and links it to their Kia Charge account’s charging contract. However, it’s vital to use a compatible charging station following the system developed by Hubject, which includes networks like Ionity and Aral/BP.

Kia assures customers can continue to benefit from their Kia Charge application. It provides real-time updates on pricing and station availability and allows users to apply filters to find their ideal station, such as plug type, charging speed, and connection.

With Plug & Charge, when it’s time to depart, simply unplug the vehicle, and the session cost is added to the monthly bill. No additional steps are necessary.

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