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Hiphi Z City: A More Affordable Version of the Hiphi Z

Faced with price competition, Chinese automaker Hiphi is introducing a more budget-friendly version of its sedan. However, the HiPhi Z City will also bid farewell to some features.

The Hiphi Z remains one of the most expensive electric sedans in the Chinese market. Not necessarily the ideal positioning during this era of price wars in the market. Rather than reducing its price, Hiphi is introducing a new, more affordable version with slightly less options.

The changes begin with the battery, which decreases from 120 kWh to a more reasonable 90 kWh, still using NMC chemistry. Its range is reduced from 705 to 535 km. The Z City is not exactly a city car, as the motor’s performance remains unchanged. The Z continues to be a four-wheel-drive car with 2 motors delivering 494 kW / 672 hp and 820 Nm of torque.

In addition to the smaller battery, the Hiphi Z City also says goodbye to its lighting effects. Farewell to the front and rear lights capable of displaying pictograms or the side door’s illuminated strips. It loses a bit of the “wow” factor, but retains motorized doors, active aerodynamic components, Lidar on the roof, large 22-inch wheels with their tire-extending add-ons, a 15.5-inch touchscreen, and Las Vegas-worthy ambient lighting inside.

This new version will be available from 500,000 RMB ($66,000). That’s 110,000 RMB less ($14,500) than the standard model. It’s still uncertain whether this variant will be offered in Europe, but it could bring the prices of the Chinese sedan below $100,000 .

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