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Jeep Wrangler: Towards an Electric Future

The Jeep Wrangler is among a newly announced slate of fully electric SUVs we can expect to see shortly. After the success of its electric 4xe vehicles in North America and Europe, Jeep recently confirmed plans for several fully-electric cars, including the Wrangler. On its path to becoming the leading zero-emission SUV brand in the world, Jeep has confirmed that the fully electric Wrangler is still in development and won’t be due until 2027. The Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee are currently available as 4xe plug-in hybrids.

In the meantime, Jeep opened priority orders for the Jeep Avenger in 2022 — the manufacturer’s first electric model, with the first cars making their way to buyers in the second quarter of 2023. The fully electric model has many useful features, including semi-autonomous driving assistance and autonomous emergency braking when detecting pedestrians and cyclists.

The demand for an electric Wrangler

It’s no surprise that Jeep confirmed the development of a fully electric Wrangler — the model’s recognizable silhouette has made it a well-loved icon among off-road enthusiasts for years. Americans and Jeep lovers worldwide deem the model a reliable, affordable, high-performance SUV perfect for all kinds of terrain, from sand to snow.

Renting out Jeeps has become a popular tourist activity across the USA, with states like Hawaii, in particular, marketing the Jeep as the perfect adventure vehicle for tourists. Such is the demand that visitors can rent a Jeep Wrangler in Hawaii as soon as their plane lands from a pick-up location at the airport. Aside from providing the luxury off-road experience at an affordable rate, renting high-performance off-road SUVs can be a picturesque way to navigate Hawaii’s remarkable scenery. The model ensures a smooth drive with comfortable seating and a spacious interior, making it a perfect choice for tourists with big beach day plans in the Aloha State.

The rise of sustainability and eco-tourism

At the same time, Jeep’s grand plans for a fully electric Wrangler are in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability. The automotive and mobility industries are known to be harmful to the environment, contributing approximately 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. Insights from the World Economic Forum emphasize that automotive industry action can further support other sustainable development goals beyond emissions, such as air quality, reduction of water and energy depletion, and material waste.

By offering iconic, recognizable Jeep models in electric form, the company can attract the more eco-conscious demographic of buyers and provide similar levels of power and performance for much less environmental impact. Similarly, in terms of the car rental industry, having electric options available for popular car listings can help tourists navigate their travels without worrying about gas and resulting emissions.

With models such as the Avenger, Grand Cherokee, and the Wrangler, Jeep joins the likes of other electric SUVs from Nissan and Ford — namely the Nissan Ariya, an all-new electric SUV and Nissan’s second EV foray, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Aside from the positive environmental impact, the introduction of electric vehicles also highlights the various new technologies car manufacturers are incorporating into their models. This includes hands-free driving assist features and easy-to-navigate touchscreen displays and controls.

Looking at the current offerings of electric SUVs, we can only speculate what the fully electric Jeep Wrangler will look like. Jeep has already shown prototypes of an electric Wrangler, with the most recent dubbed the Wrangler Magneto 3.0 Concept. The Wrangler Magneto 3.0 boasts 650 horsepower and 900 pound-feet of torque from its custom electric powertrain, making it a smart option for extreme off-roading, better controls, and smoother delivery. However, until the official release of a fully electric Wrangler, we may still see newer changes being made to the mystery EV.

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