Electric Vehicles

Twike will finally launch its new three-wheeled car, named Twike 5. The production’s start is planned for mid-2022. The Twike 5 should have initially been released in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed its launch. Twike finally announces the launch of its new three-wheeled...
An English website has reconstructed the design of the Apple Car from the patents introduced by the Cupertino company. The computer giant's car has several years of development ahead of it. We all know that the apple company is working hard on its first "zero...

Electric Aston Martin DB6

In Electric Vehicles
On October 15, 2021
Specialized in the transformation of classic cars, Lunaz has just presented an electric Aston Martin DB6. In the automotive world, converting legendary models to electric is all the rage. A domain in which Lunaz has become one of the specialists. After retrofitting a Rolls-Royce Phantom...
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