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Genesis GV60: Characteristics of the electric SUV

Still unknown in Europe, the premium brand of the Kia-Hyundai group has just revealed the technical characteristics of the GV60, its first electric SUV.

Revealed at the end of August, the Genesis GV60 divulges its features. Based on the new electric and common platform of the group, this first 100% electric SUV from Genesis will not be unprecedented in the technical chapter. And for good reason: it will take to its advantage the mechanical endowment of the Kia EV6, much more dynamic on paper than that of the Ioniq 5.

The Genesis GV60 will therefore rely on the large 77.4 kWh battery, regardless of the mechanical configuration. As such, it will be able to receive a rear engine of 229 hp for 350 Nm of torque, or a double engine for a total of 318 hp and 605 Nm. The autonomy is respectively announced at 451 km and 400 km. A Performance version will also be on the program with 435 hp and Drift mode.

An audio system worked inside

Inside, Genesis installs e-ASD (Electric Active Sound Design), a system that allows you to choose between several different sounds for driving, reinforcing the futuristic aspect of electric sizzle or mimicking the notes of a thermal block. . Still on the audio chapter, the SUV will carry Active Noise Reduction and a Bang & Olufsen audio system with 17 speakers.

It should also be remembered that it will have an 800 V charging system allowing it to recharge very quickly and will also later offer a wireless charging system.

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