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Getaway Space: Redefining the EV Charging Experience

The electric vehicle (EV) market is experiencing a rapid revolution, and the way we approach charging infrastructure is transforming alongside it. Gone are the days of basic functionality. Drivers are seeking more than just a quick power-up; they crave an experience. Enter Getaway Space, a visionary company poised to redefine EV charging. By blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled hospitality, Getaway Space ushers in a future where sustainability meets luxury.

An Oasis for the EV Enthusiast

Getaway Space’s stations transcend the traditional charging station concept. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a haven meticulously designed for the EV era. Picture reserved parking slots for ultimate convenience, coupled with state-of-the-art security measures that provide peace of mind. Step inside, and the ambiance exudes luxury. Sleek design elements and contemporary amenities elevate the charging experience to unprecedented levels.

A Fusion of Technology and Hospitality

What truly sets Getaway Space apart is its seamless integration of advanced technology with exceptional customer service. Equipped with high-speed Level 3 chargers, the stations guarantee rapid recharges, minimizing wait times and maximizing enjoyment. But efficiency is just one piece of the puzzle. Getaway Space goes above and beyond by offering premium amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi and gourmet grab-and-go options – all meticulously curated to surpass expectations.

Driven by Innovation, Powered by Passion

Behind the scenes, a team of visionaries relentlessly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in EV charging. Fueled by a deep commitment to innovation and sustainability, Getaway Space isn’t simply erecting charging stations – they’re shaping the future of transportation. This Los Angeles-based startup, with ambitious expansion plans across California and beyond, embodies the spirit of progress and revolution.

Luxury Options for Every Driver

Getaway Space caters to a diverse range of EV owners with a tiered membership program designed to fit your specific needs.

  • Eco Membership (Perfect for Casual Visits – $145/month): Ideal for occasional charging, the Eco Membership prioritizes convenience and efficiency. Enjoy access to Getaway Space’s network of stations featuring ultra-fast charging capabilities, along with essential amenities like a convenience store and standard high-speed Wi-Fi. Regular maintenance and support ensure a seamless charging experience, and universal compatibility guarantees your EV can refuel with ease. Additionally, this membership includes 8 DC Fast Charging (DCFC) sessions per month, each lasting 30 minutes, and the ability to reserve charging stations in advance for added peace of mind.
  • Business Membership (An Office Away from the Office – $299/month): For the busy professional on the go, the Business Membership transforms charging stops into productive pitstops. It includes all the benefits of the Eco Membership, plus exclusive perks designed to maximize your time. Take advantage of priority charging access to minimize wait times and complimentary premium beverages to keep you refreshed. Dedicated high-speed Wi-Fi ensures uninterrupted work sessions, while the valet charging service offers the ultimate in convenience. After a productive work session, unwind and indulge in luxury dining access – the perfect way to break up your journey. This membership also grants you an additional 8 DCFC sessions, bringing your total to 16 per month.

A Glimpse into the Future

As the EV landscape evolves, Getaway Space stands at the forefront, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. Their unwavering focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction paves the way for a future where EV journeys are characterized by comfort, convenience, and environmental consciousness.

While the first Getaway Space stations are expected to roll out in 2025, you can still be among the first to experience the Getaway Space revolution!

Join the waiting list today to receive exclusive updates on their progress, station openings near you, and membership offers! They’re excited to share their vision for the future of EV charging with you and can’t wait to welcome you to the Getaway Space community.

Invest in the EV Oasis 

Getaway Space is a pre-seed startup seeking funding to launch their innovative network of EV charging stations. As CEO Steve Kuh says, “We’re thrilled to share an opportunity to invest in Getaway Space, the ultimate haven for EV owners, where cutting-edge technology meets premium hospitality.”

This innovative approach directly addresses the challenges faced by EV drivers: range anxiety and limited infrastructure.

Targeting California for its initial rollout, Getaway Space stations will be havens equipped with high-speed chargers, premium amenities, and reserved parking. Getaway Space is now launching its pre-seed round, poised to revolutionize the EV charging experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the EV charging revolution. Contact Getaway Space today to learn more about investment opportunities.

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