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Italy Charges Ahead: E-CHARGE 2024 Connects the EV Charging Ecosystem

Get ready for a high-voltage event! Italy’s booming EV charging industry takes center stage at E-CHARGE 2024, happening May 7th and 8th at the Bologna Exhibition Centre. Organized by A151 srl, this second edition promises to be a major force, reflecting Italy’s ascent as a European leader in EV charging infrastructure.

Market Boom Sparks Innovation

E-CHARGE 2024 arrives as Italy’s EV market experiences a surge. A recent Motus-E report highlights a record-breaking 2023, with over 13,900 new charging stations installed, bringing the national total to over 50,000 โ€“ the highest ratio in Europe (23:100). This rapid growth is fueling demand for innovative charging solutions.

A Collaborative Hub for the Entire Ecosystem

E-CHARGE 2024 serves as a central platform for the entire EV charging ecosystem. Manufacturers, wallbox providers, service companies, and system solution specialists all come together to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. This year’s edition boasts an expanded space, co-locating with E-TECH EUROPE, the international event dedicated to battery technology and electric vehicle production. This strategic partnership creates a comprehensive showcase for the entire electric mobility landscape.

Explore Cutting-Edge Solutions on Display

Attendees can expect a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in EV charging technology. Explore cutting-edge wallboxes, fast chargers, hyper and ultra-fast charging stations. Learn about technology related to CPOs (Charging Point Operators) and eMSPs (Electric Mobility Service Providers). In addition, the event delves into power electronics, control systems, infrastructure components, and network and e-roaming services.

Government Incentives Drive Growth

Recognizing the importance of EV infrastructure development, the Italian government offers attractive incentives for companies and individuals to invest in charging solutions. Attendees can learn about these bonuses and how to optimize their EV charging infrastructure projects.

High-Level Conferences and the ESTATES GENERAL

Complementing the exhibition, E-CHARGE 2024 features a robust program of conferences, workshops, and seminars. Industry experts will delve into crucial topics across the EV charging sector. Notably, the event will host the second edition of the ESTATES GENERAL of EV CHARGING, the premier annual summit dedicated to this critical segment in Italy.

A Must-Attend Event for the EV Industry

With its focus on innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, E-CHARGE 2024 is a pivotal event for anyone involved in the EV industry. Don’t miss your chance to head to Bologna on May 7th and 8th to shape the future of EV charging in Italy and beyond!

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