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Nissan Unveils The Electric SUV Ariya Nismo

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, Nissan unveiled the Ariya Nismo, setting a new benchmark for electric crossover SUVs. This model represents Nissan’s most powerful EV yet and is poised to redefine the electric driving experience with its spring release.

Aggressive Design and Enhanced Performance

The Ariya Nismo builds upon the foundation of the Ariya e-4ORCE, featuring an aggressive body kit with striking black and red colors emblematic of Nismo’s style. Its electric motors have been boosted by 10%, delivering thrilling acceleration and a driving experience akin to Formula E racing. The vehicle’s aerodynamic enhancements, though subtle, contribute to its performance efficiency.

Interior Refinement Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Inside, the Ariya Nismo boasts Nismo-branded seats and red accents throughout the cabin, blending luxury with a sporty ethos. The dual-motor setup in the base Nismo B6 e-4ORCE model churns out 362 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque, with a 66 kWh battery pack. The higher-tier Nismo B9 e-4ORCE model escalates the power with a 91 kWh battery, offering 429 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque.

Focused on Dynamic Handling and Cornering

While Nissan remains discreet about specific acceleration figures, it promises the Ariya Nismo will excel in cornering performance and stability at high speeds. This is achieved through Nismo’s specialized tuning and chassis enhancements, coupled with dedicated tires and 20-inch aluminum wheels.

Technical Specifications: A Blend of Power and Precision

Both versions of the Ariya Nismo showcase impressive dimensions, with the vehicle measuring 4,650 mm in length and a wheelbase of 2,775 mm. Weight varies between 2,080 kg and 2,220 kg, depending on the model. The outputs range from 270 kW to 320 kW, while torque figures sit between 560 Nm and 600 Nm.

A New Era for Nissan’s EV Lineup

The Ariya Nismo represents a significant step forward in Nissan’s electric vehicle portfolio. With its compelling combination of performance, design, and technological innovation, the Ariya Nismo is not just an EV; it’s a statement of Nissan’s commitment to electrified performance. As we look towards its market debut in the spring, the Ariya Nismo is set to captivate enthusiasts and redefine expectations in the electric SUV segment.

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