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Retro EV Revived: Renault 5 Electric Leaked Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Just one day before its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, leaked images of the highly anticipated Renault 5 Electric have sent shockwaves through the EV community. The buzz surrounding this retro-inspired EV is undeniable, promising a unique blend of nostalgic charm and cutting-edge technology. But what can we expect from this electrifying revival?

Staying True to its Roots

Renault has cleverly captured the essence of the iconic Renault 5 in the new electric model. Leaked images reveal a design faithful to the internet-breaking concept car unveiled in 2021, with minimal alterations during the transition to production. Signature features like stylized LED headlights, hidden door handles, and a distinctive rear bumper reminiscent of the concept are all present, ensuring a nostalgic thrill for fans of the original.

Eye-Catching Exterior Details

Beyond the undeniable retro charm, the leaked images showcase some exciting modern touches. The unique external charge indicator located on the hood, reminiscent of the original R5’s bonnet vent, adds a playful twist and functionality. Additionally, the vertically stacked tail-lights and bold yellow paint color further accentuate the Renault 5’s retro appeal, making it stand out on the road.

Peek Inside the Retro-Themed Cabin

Leaked glimpses of the cabin reveal a delightful blend of modern technology and classic design elements. A Google-powered infotainment screen takes center stage, while retro-inspired air vents and fabric accents pay homage to the original Renault 5. This unique fusion of past and present promises a comfortable and stylish driving experience.

Performance and Price

Under the hood, the Renault 5 Electric boasts a 52 kWh battery pack, delivering a range of up to 248 miles on a single charge. Built on the AmpR Small platform, the EV features high-spec multi-link rear suspension for optimal performance. Pricing starts from $30,000, making it a competitive option in the growing electric vehicle segment.

Anticipation Builds

As excitement mounts ahead of the Geneva Motor Show debut, the Renault 5 Electric’s revival appears poised to make a splash. With its nostalgic design, modern technology, and competitive price point, the Renault 5 Electric could redefine the urban electric vehicle segment. Stay tuned for more updates as this electrifying icon prepares to take center stage on the global stage.

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