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Umicore’s EV Battery Innovation in North America

Umicore, evolving from its Belgian mining origins, is now at the forefront of the North American electric vehicle (EV) battery industry. By championing an eco-conscious approach, Umicore aims to ensure the EV battery supply chain minimizes environmental impact, aligning with global emission reduction goals.

Umicore’s Comprehensive Strategy for Eco-Friendly Batteries

Umicore’s methodology for reducing the environmental footprint of batteries encompasses several strategic pillars, each targeting a key aspect of sustainable production.

  • Recycling: The Foundation of Sustainability

Umicore believes in the power of recycling to mitigate the carbon footprint of EV batteries significantly. By recycling batteries at its industrial-scale facility in Belgium, Umicore recovers cobalt, nickel, and lithium with unparalleled efficiency. This not only conserves resources but also reduces the need for new mining, setting a benchmark for circular economy practices in the industry.

  • Renewable Energy: Powering Green Production

Umicore commits to renewable energy across all its new battery materials plants, ensuring operations start with a green footprint. In Europe, wind energy powers its gigafactory, and similar renewable initiatives are planned for the upcoming plant in Canada. This shift to renewables is a vital step towards reducing the overall carbon emissions of battery production.

  • Sustainable Raw Materials: Ensuring Ethical Supply Chains

Choosing sustainable raw materials is crucial for Umicore. The company navigates the challenges of rapidly growing EV demand by securing supply chains that prioritize environmental and ethical considerations. Its collaboration with Terrafame for ultra-low-carbon nickel showcases Umicore’s dedication to sustainability, mirroring its commitment to providing low-carbon options to customers in North America.

  • Innovative Chemistry: Pushing the Boundaries

Umicore is a pioneer in using higher-voltage NMC technology and developing new chemistries like high-manganese HLM and solid-state batteries. These innovations not only enhance battery performance but also reduce the carbon emissions per unit of energy, contributing to the development of batteries that are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Diverse Battery Chemistries: Tailoring Solutions for Global Needs

Umicore’s vision includes adapting to the diverse needs of global markets with various battery chemistries. While LFP batteries are prevalent in China due to local incentives, Umicore’s HLM technology offers a compelling alternative elsewhere, balancing performance, cost, and sustainability.

Umicore Chemistries
Umicore Chemistries, source: Umicore

Leading Solid-State Battery Innovation

Umicore’s investment in solid-state battery technology, highlighted by its prototyping center in Belgium, paves the way for safer and more efficient EV batteries. With commercial applications on the horizon for 2027, Umicore is at the forefront of developing batteries that promise enhanced safety and energy density.

Expanding Umicore’s North American Presence

The construction of Umicore’s new facility in Ontario is a strategic move to complete its battery materials supply chain in North America. This initiative is buoyed by the Inflation Reduction Act, emphasizing regional circular supply chains from raw material sourcing to recycling, embodying a local-for-local production ethos.

Championing Battery Recycling

Umicore views recycling as a cornerstone of a mature, sustainable EV market. Effective recycling practices ensure a circular supply of raw materials, significantly reducing reliance on mining and fostering a more sustainable EV ecosystem.

Umicore Sustainability, source: Umicore

Forging Strategic Alliances for a Greener Future

Umicore’s collaborations, such as the joint venture with Volkswagen’s PowerCo in Europe and plans for North American expansion, underscore a global strategy to meet the evolving needs of the EV market. Through innovative battery technologies and a focus on recycling, Umicore is committed to leading the green energy transition.

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