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Jiyue 07: Geely and Baidu’s Latest Electric Sedan Masterpiece

Introducing the Jiyue 07: A Blend of Style and Innovation

Geely and Baidu’s collaboration, Jiyue, is making headlines with the launch of their latest model, the Jiyue 07 sedan. Already the recipient of two prestigious international design awards, the Jiyue 07 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence in the electric vehicle market.

A Shift in Strategy and Style

Originally known as Jidu, the brand has rebranded to Jiyue, reflecting Geely’s increased control in the partnership. Under this new dynamic, the Jiyue 07 emerges as a stylish successor to both the Jiyue 01 SUV and the acclaimed Robo-02 concept. Opting for the number 7, a popular choice among Chinese sedans, the Jiyue 07 stands out in a crowded market.

Design Excellence Meets Advanced Technology

Crafted by renowned designer Frank Wu, the Jiyue 07’s exterior subtly evolves from the Robo-02 concept, balancing elegance and modernity. Notably, the sedan forgoes the commonly used Lidar in favor of Baidu’s advanced Robo Drive autonomous system, utilizing cameras and radars for a level 4 driving experience.

Innovative Interiors and Cutting-Edge Performance

While the interior remains a mystery, expectations are high for features like the panoramic screen and AI SIMO’s natural language system, mirroring the sophistication of the Jiyue 01. The Jiyue 07 is built on the versatile SEA platform, offering impressive power with 200 kW rear-wheel and 400 kW four-wheel drive versions.

Leading the Charge in Electric Mobility

Battery technology in the Jiyue 07 is expected to be on par with the best, offering ranges up to 800 km in the CLTC cycle. This innovation positions the Jiyue 07 as a strong contender in the electric sedan market, rivaling industry giants with its blend of design, technology

and efficiency. The Jiyue 07’s battery options are robust, featuring either a 71.4 kWh (LFP) or a 100 kWh (NMC) battery for the two-wheel drive version, while the dual-motor model exclusively uses the 100 kWh battery. These choices cater to various driving needs and preferences, promising a seamless blend of power and sustainability.

Autonomy and Efficiency: The Core of Jiyue 07’s Appeal

The Jiyue 07’s promise of potentially reaching 800 km on a single charge in the CLTC cycle (>650 km WLTP cycle) sets a new standard for electric vehicle range. This impressive capability is not just a technical achievement but also a significant step towards making electric vehicles more practical and appealing for longer journeys. The blend of high efficiency, extended range, and advanced battery technology makes the Jiyue 07 a standout model in the electric vehicle arena.

Futuristic Aesthetics with User-Centric Design

The anticipation around the Jiyue 07’s interior is palpable. While the specifics are yet to be revealed, the sedan is expected to carry forward the elegance and user-friendliness of the Jiyue 01’s interior design. The highlight is likely to be the 35.6-inch panoramic screen and the AI SIMO system, which promises an immersive and interactive user experience through its advanced natural language processing capabilities.

Geely and Baidu’s Visionary Leap Forward

The Jiyue 07 is more than just a car; it represents a bold step forward in the collaboration between Geely and Baidu. It’s a manifestation of their shared vision of futuristic, sustainable, and accessible mobility. With its sophisticated design, advanced autonomous technology, and groundbreaking electric performance, the Jiyue 07 is poised to redefine expectations in the electric sedan market and cement Geely and Baidu’s place as leaders in the global electric vehicle revolution.

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