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Motovolt & Swobbee’s Strategic Move: 200 New EV Charging Stations in India

Revolutionizing Electric Mobility in India

Kolkata/Berlin, December 20, 2023 – In an unprecedented move to transform electric two-wheeler accessibility in India, the leading e-mobility brand Motovolt Mobility Pvt. Ltd has announced a strategic partnership with German climate-tech firm Swobbee. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in addressing the challenges faced by electric vehicles (EVs), particularly in terms of battery charging time, cost, and lifespan, thereby enhancing the user experience across the country.

A Visionary Initiative

The joint venture between Motovolt and Swobbee is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle sector in India with an ambitious plan to establish 200 battery swapping stations within the next 24 months. Backed by substantial technological and financial investment, this initiative aims to generate over $10 million USD in revenue while achieving profitability within a five-year span.

Addressing India’s EV Market Challenges

India, as the world’s second-largest market for two-wheelers, sold approximately 15.6 million units last year, signifying a tremendous growth in EV sales. Despite this surge, Indian LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) users face numerous challenges such as high battery costs, limited range, frequent recharging needs, and safety concerns. Motovolt, a frontrunner in the e-two wheeler industry, is tackling these issues head-on through continuous research, development, and industry collaborations.

The Synergy of Expertise

Swobbee’s expertise in LEV energy services complements Motovolt’s mission to enhance the LEV ecosystem. This partnership will see Motovolt expanding into the e-scooters segment, further solidifying their commitment to sustainable and convenient mobility solutions. Tushar Choudhary, Founder & CEO of Motovolt, emphasizes the significance of this partnership in addressing customer pain points and offering unique services and product innovations.

Expanding Accessibility

Initially targeting business customers, including delivery and transport services, the Swobbee stations will eventually cater to private consumers. These universal infrastructure solutions are capable of accommodating various LEV battery types and technologies. Thomas Duscha, CEO and co-founder of Swobbee, highlights the importance of removing access barriers to clean mobility solutions, underscoring the partnership’s role in democratizing zero emissions LEVs for both businesses and private consumers.

A Milestone in Indian EV Infrastructure

The collaboration aims to onboard other LEV OEMs and establish a comprehensive battery swapping network for various vehicle types across India, starting with commercial customers in Delhi and Kolkata. This partnership is not just a significant step for the Indian LEV ecosystem, but a move towards affordability and accessibility for all.

Swobbee’s Global Impact

Swobbee’s impressive global presence, marked by expansions and collaborations with industry leaders like Volkswagen, Total Energies, and Honda, underscores its commitment to sustainable mobility. With initiatives spanning from Berlin to Indonesia, Swobbee’s involvement in key consortiums and associations further cements its role as a major player in the global push for clean and efficient electric mobility solutions.

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