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Subaru Solterra Charges Forward in 2024: Electric SUV Now Available

The Subaru Solterra, a C-segment SUV powered by technology co-developed with Toyota, is no longer a concept car. Having launched in mid-2022, the Solterra is now a reality for eco-conscious drivers seeking adventure without emissions.

Solterra: Where Sun Meets Earth

The name Solterra, derived from the Latin words for “sun” (Sol) and “earth” (Terra), reflects the vehicle’s commitment to sustainability. Built on the new e-Subaru Global platform, co-developed with Toyota, the Solterra shares some DNA with Toyota’s e-TNGA platform.

Compact Yet Capable: A First Look at Subaru’s Electric SUV

Classified as a compact SUV, the Solterra offers a blend of maneuverability and practicality. While initial teasers were light on technical details, the Solterra’s close relation to the Toyota bZ4X concept (unveiled in April 2021) provided some clues.

Global Ambitions: Solterra Takes Center Stage

Subaru designed the Solterra with a global audience in mind. Since its mid-2022 launch, the electric SUV has become available in key markets like Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe, and China.

Beyond the Initial Launch: What’s Next for the Solterra?

Since its debut in 2022, the Solterra has garnered positive reviews for its blend of performance, capability, and Subaru’s renowned all-wheel-drive technology. Looking ahead, Subaru may offer additional configurations or trims to cater to a wider range of driver preferences. The Solterra’s success also paves the way for Subaru’s continued exploration of the electric vehicle market.

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