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Unveiling Enhanced Autonomy: Redesigned Mercedes EQA and EQB Models

Introduced in 2021, the EQA and EQB models are already receiving a facelift. While this might seem premature, it follows the redesign of their older internal combustion counterparts, the GLA and GLB. Furthermore, the overhaul is subtle in nature!

Aesthetic Refinements: A Stylish Transformation

Exterior Changes: A Starry Grille and Distinctive Lighting

On the exterior, the most noticeable change lies in the grille design. For both models, the new grille adopts a smooth finish, eschewing chrome accents. The black surface features a starry motif. At the rear, the lighting signature has been revised, but the distinctive EQ rear-spanning light strip remains intact. In terms of personalization, two new colors (Spectral Blue, High-Tech Silver) and fresh wheel designs are introduced. In the EQA model with the AMG package, the wheel arches now match the body color.

Interior Updates: Modernity Meets Functionality

Inside the cabin, changes are equally understated, even though a brand-new steering wheel catches the eye. The standard configuration includes dual 10.25-inch screens positioned side by side. The EQA and EQB now boast the latest iteration of the MBUX multimedia system, offering wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Voice commands have been refined. Driving assistance features have been fine-tuned, including smoother lane-keeping assistance and more effective parking aids.

Technological Continuity: Powertrains and Batteries

In terms of technology, the foundation remains unchanged. Two configurations are available: the 250+ and the 350 4MATIC. The former boasts a motor generating 140 kW, equivalent to 190 hp, while the latter is equipped with dual motors, offering a combined output of 215 kW, 292 hp. The 250+ variant is equipped with a larger 70.5 kWh battery, while the 350 4MATIC features a 66.5 kWh battery.

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Boosted Ranges: Enhancements for Extended Travel

Improvements in range have been achieved through aerodynamic enhancements (for example, modifications to the rear wheel arches) and the adoption of low rolling resistance tires (235/55 R 18). Consequently, the EQA 250+ with the larger battery now achieves a maximum range of 560 km, a remarkable figure within its category, up from the previous 529 km. The 4MATIC EQA now reaches 459 km, compared to the previous 431 km.

The EQB surpasses the symbolic 500 km mark, increasing its range from 486 to 536 km. For the 4MATIC variant, the range now stands at 448 km, an improvement from the prior 406 km. Both models feature “Plug&Charge” functionality.

Conclusion: Setting a Course for the Future

As we eagerly anticipate the release of the restyled EQA and EQB models, Mercedes demonstrates its steadfast commitment to uniting elegance, innovation, and enhanced range in the realm of electric vehicles. These vehicles introduce a new era of electric luxury, featuring an array of aesthetic and technical upgrades that include improved autonomy. Stay tuned for the opening of order books in the fall, with deliveries set to start in early 2024. This marks a transformative stride forward in the world of electric driving.

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