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BMW iX3: the electric SUV improves its battery

Recently Restyled, the BMW iX3 Gains a New Preconditioning System for Efficient Battery Management.

BMW recently unveiled an updated iX3, bringing a major software upgrade for better battery management. This upgrade shines with its new preconditioning system, boosting the electric SUV’s efficiency.

Improved Battery Management for Better Performance

The iX3’s latest software enhances battery thermal management. While the driving range stays the same, the real leap forward happens at fast-charging stations.

A Smart Preconditioning System Steps In

As you drive towards a fast-charging station, the iX3’s smart system kicks in, automatically preparing the battery. It looks at the battery’s temperature, remaining range, expected charging power, and how long the charge will take.

Quicker Charging with No Range Loss

Even though the range stays put, this new approach speeds up charging. You can still enjoy the iX3’s strong 150 kW DC power peak.

Turning On Preconditioning is Easy

You can quickly turn on preconditioning via the iDrive screen or the BMW app. Just head to the climate control settings and select preconditioning. It readies your car for the best charging experience.

Note: This article was originally published in 2021 and has been updated in November 2023 to reflect the latest developments regarding BMW iX3 preconditioning system.

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