BMW iX3: the electric SUV improves its battery

bmw ix3

Recently restyled, the BMW iX3 gains a new software update allowing a more efficient management of its battery.

BMW recently lifted the veil on the restyled iX3. Retouched on the outside, the electric SUV did not gain any technical or software updates. The German firm corrects the situation and announces a new program which improves battery management.

According to the manufacturer, the BMW iX3 now has a new software configuration that allows better thermal management of the battery. If autonomy does not seem to change, it is at the fast charging station that users will notice the difference.

A new preconditioning system

Based on on-board navigation, the system automatically pre-conditions the battery when approaching a fast-charging station provided in the route. The device then takes into account the temperature of the battery, the remaining autonomy, the expected charging power and the duration of the process.

The range does not change, but the fast-charging curve should collapse less quickly, allowing you to refuel faster. Note that the peak DC power of 150 kW is unchanged for the BMW iX3.

How do you turn on preconditioning ?

From the cars iDrive screen or the app go to settings. And then from settings you will go to climate. Control. Once you’re in the climate control menu you’ll see that there is preconditioning.


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