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Eaton’s EV Chargers Earn California’s CTEP Seal of Approval

California drivers, say goodbye to billing anxiety! Trustworthy and transparent billing is now a key feature for EV charging thanks to Eaton’s Green Motion chargers achieving California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) certification. This program ensures the accuracy and reliability of weighing and measuring devices, including EV chargers, putting an end to billing confusion and fostering confidence in the EV charging experience.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Eaton’s Green Motion Building and Green Motion Fleet Level 2 EV chargers are leading the charge in billing transparency. These chargers exceed the rigorous standards set by California’s CTEP program. This translates to clear and reliable billing for drivers, fostering trust and confidence in the EV charging experience.

Key Benefits for Drivers

  • Point-of-Sale Pricing: No more billing surprises! Drivers are presented with the exact cost upfront, allowing them to budget their charging sessions effectively.
  • Detailed Digital Receipts: Each charging session is meticulously documented with a digital receipt showing the precise amount of electricity transferred. This transparency empowers drivers to track their energy consumption and monitor charging costs.

Collaboration for Innovation

Eaton’s success in meeting CTEP requirements is a testament to their collaboration with ChargeLab, a prominent EV charger management software provider. This partnership highlights a commitment to driving innovation in the future of sustainable transportation through smart energy management solutions. Eaton and ChargeLab are working together to ensure a seamless and reliable EV charging experience for drivers across California.

Market Leadership and Sustainability

Eaton’s accomplishment positions them as a frontrunner in the EV charging infrastructure landscape. Their dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with California’s commitment to renewable energy sources, paving the way for a greener future. By ensuring transparent billing and promoting trust in EV charging, Eaton is helping to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Ready to Charge with Confidence?

Learn more about Eaton’s Green Motion EV charging solutions and discover how their CTEP-compliant technology can provide a transparent and reliable charging experience. Visit Eaton’s website to explore their comprehensive range of EV charging solutions.

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