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Honda: Modern Electric S2000 to Be Unveiled This Year?

Honda is revving its engines for its 75th-anniversary celebration, and gearheads everywhere are in for a treat. The iconic Japanese automaker is gearing up to launch a brand new electric sports car, drawing inspiration from the legendary S2000.

A New Chapter for a Beloved Sports Car

While the next-generation, electrified NSX supercar is already on the horizon for a late-decade debut, Honda seems to have another exciting surprise planned. Rumors suggest a revival of the S2000, the sporty roadster that carved its name in automotive history upon its release during Honda’s 50th anniversary. With the 75th milestone approaching, speculation is rife that Honda will revisit the S2000 legacy, marking this momentous occasion with a thrilling electric twist.

A Tribute Steeped in Heritage

The unveiling of this electric S2000 tribute could happen as early as this year, or latest by 2025. This potential launch date aligns perfectly with the 25th anniversary of the original S2000’s debut in 1999. Honda might use this anniversary as a springboard to pay homage to its heritage with a modern, electric take on the classic roadster.

Electric Performance with a Type R Soul

According to credible sources like Car magazine, this electric-powered sports car would serve as a heartfelt tribute to one of Japan’s most iconic roadsters. Furthermore, Honda is unwavering in its commitment to the esteemed Type R badge, even for its electric vehicles. Kotaro Yamamoto, Honda’s Technical Consultant, recently confirmed this notion, highlighting the potential for exhilarating performance in electric cars. “Electric vehicles can deliver the same kind of thrilling experience as a Type R,” Yamamoto stated. “We are committed to offering Type R models that deliver exceptional driving pleasure, even in a fully electric future.”

Beyond the Competition

The arrival of an electric Honda roadster naturally invites comparisons to the recently unveiled MG Cyberster. However, experts suggest that Honda’s offering might occupy a higher price point than its Chinese competitor. Rebecca Adamson, Head of Honda’s UK automotive department, emphasizes the value proposition of Honda’s 75 years of engineering expertise. While acknowledging the competitive pricing from Chinese manufacturers, Adamson asserts Honda’s focus on delivering a superior driving experience built on a distinguished engineering heritage, propelling the brand into an electrifying future.

The prospect of an electric S2000 is a dream come true for many enthusiasts. With its focus on performance, heritage, and a potential Type R variant, this new chapter in the S2000 story is sure to generate a lot of excitement.

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