Maintenance cost of an electric vehicle


One of the main advantages of the electric vehicle is its much less demanding maintenance than a gasoline or diesel car.

Simplified mechanics

Electric cars are fairly simple vehicles: an electric motor, a battery, a transmission system without a gearbox, and a lot of electronics. The mechanical elements are thus limited while the electric motors are recognized for their longevity and their almost zero maintenance.

Less maintenance

Compared to a gasoline or diesel car, there are many maintenance operations that disappear on an electric car: oil change, timing belt, spark plugs, etc. Only the elements such as the brake pads / discs or the tires need to be changed regularly, accompanied of course by the wipers and the washer.

Regarding the brake pads, it is interesting to note that the braking energy recovery systems fitted to many electric cars allow the pads to be relieved and therefore changed less often.

Specific maintenance

Regarding maintenance operations specific to the electric car, some manufacturers require a regular check the battery’s state, generally every year.

Maintenance costs reduced by around 25%

While it is still difficult to quantify the exact maintenance costs of an electric car, it is commonly accepted that these are about 25% lower than a gasoline or diesel car. We understand a little better then that not all dealers are excited about the arrival of electric vehicles …

Feedback from users

If you are an electric car user, please do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments of so that we can update and supplement our information.


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  1. The maintenance cost for ICE varies a lot based on the age of the car.

    I suspect the ratio of maintenance cost between ICE and EV will grow over time.

  2. Readers: OK, this driver of some 50 decades has his first EV-Hyundia Ioniq 2022 yr. Its been circa 02 months with it, and I will say, with truth, I will never drive an I.C.E auto again! NONE of the I.C.E. repair issues and no petrol. As to long life & cost; let me add this footnote. There is a video on YouTube from I think, Fully Charged pages ; of a fellow who has the first generation Leaf. Aside from some battery degradation, he has just bought tyres, wiper blades and the usual chassis things, and it has circa 200K miles on it. A 12yr old EV that is as sound and functional as the day it was built. And it costs him nothing to run 10 months of an English year, as he charges it from a payed off solar array on his house. The math on an EV is easy to do.
    So readers; might I recommend you go forth and buy one, NOW, used or new. There is much to choose from, and when you buy, buy an EV the same way you SHOULD buy an I.C.E auto—buy an EV for the way you drive 90% of the time. Then adjust as needed for the 10%. Note even a 100 mile range EV can and has been driven coast to coast{USA} so range anxiety is another issue that should be discarded. It just takes planning and forethought, the way it was in the early years of gas autos {up to the late 1960′!}

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