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BMW iX2 Electric Car Rolls Off Production Lines in Germany

Just a few weeks after BMW introduced the world to the sleek iX2, they’ve got some exciting news—production is already in full swing. The electric version of the new X2 is hitting the assembly lines in Regensburg, Germany.

BMW is placing a big bet on this electric coupe to give their electric vehicle lineup a power boost. What’s more, the BMW iX2 is already being made at the Regensburg plant in eastern Bavaria, which has been churning out vehicles since as far back as 1986. Armin Ebner, the site’s manager, couldn’t be prouder. He says, “With this new model, we’ve even had to add a night shift.”

In the heart of this factory, a remarkable thing is happening. They’re building vehicles with various types of powertrains on a single production line. That means traditional combustion engine models, plug-in hybrids, and the all-electric iX2 are all coming off the production lines in Regensburg, almost 1,000 units a day, collectively.

BMW wants everyone to know that there’s a lot of enthusiasm for the iX2, and it’s a product of incredible teamwork that’s allowed them to quickly get it rolling off the lines. The factory is in full swing, and they’ve set up a three-shift schedule to be ready for a potential surge in demand. The question now is, will the orders come pouring in?

Pricing for the iX2 Electric Coupe

To get your hands on the brand-new BMW iX2, you’ll need to part with €59,150 for the base version. It comes with cool features like navigation, dual-zone automatic climate control, and an automated reverse function. If you’re eyeing the M Sport version, that’ll set you back €63,150. The price difference isn’t huge. What’s still a bit hazy is when BMW will start shipping these beauties. They’re talking about “early 2024.”

BMW is brimming with confidence, and they’re even putting another €350 million into the Regensburg site. Their goal? To create 500 more permanent jobs at the factory. As it stands, the Regensburg and Wackersdorf sites in Bavaria have about 9,000 employees.

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