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Renault ZOE Charging

In EV charging
On January 8, 2021
The Renault ZOE car is the most popular electric vehicle in Europe. It is the perfect example to appreciate the benefits of fast charging. In fact, when the New ZOE regains up to 125 km WLTP * of autonomy in 2 hours on a road...
Let's look at the charging stations, just like the petrol filling stations that supply fuel to cars; the charging stations are more or less the same; they are machines that help provide electrical energy to the electric vehicles. Charging stations can be divided into two....

Nissan Leaf charging

On December 28, 2020

A simple charging method When it comes to electric vehicles, one of the main questions is about the charging methods. As easy as recharging a phone, filling the battery of.

Type of chargers We will be considering the three primary and dominant types of chargers for electric vehicles. Rapid Chargers: from the word rapid, it is easy to know that this charger is the quickest and fastest way to charge an electric vehicle. The charging...
While electric vehicles are considered as the future of the auto industry, a battle is unfolding across utilities in the United States over who should control charging stations that are expected to gradually replace gas pumps. From Exelon to Southern California Edison, utilities are seeking...
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