Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Let’s look at the charging stations, just like the petrol filling stations that supply fuel to cars; the charging stations are more or less the same; they are machines that help provide electrical energy to the electric vehicles.

Charging stations can be divided into two.

1- Home charging stations

We have the charging stations that are usually at home; that is; residents of the home use them. The vehicles can be charged when it is not in use often throughout the night, the reason being that it uses the slow chargers, which requires about 8 to 12 hours to provide a complete charge.

2- Public charging stations

It is readily accessible to people, but it can only be used by paying a certain amount of money (It is a commercial enterprise.) It is usually found in places near shopping centers, churches, schools, market places, parking lot. This is because the charging may be at a slow or high speed, and so while the drivers are making use of the facilities mentioned above, the car can be charged.

The charging time of an electric vehicle depends on two factors

  1. The capacity of the battery
  2. The battery’s charging power
EV charger

There should be charging infrastructures for electric vehicles on roads to cater to all the cars. The country should provide it, and also there should be support from the government so that there can be enough infrastructures to support electric vehicles. This should be done because there is a lack of charging infrastructure according to a survey carried out by a UK company stating that about 64% of the drivers run away from electric vehicles because of lack of proper infrastructures. If this is put in place, there will be significant adoption of electric cars.


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