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Public Charger Networks in USA

Below is a list of 15 companies in USA that are either developing electric vehicle charging technologies or are already supplying them.


Chargepoint is one of the USA’s largest public charging networks. It was previously called Coulomb Technologies. Latest figures reveal that this company has almost 60,000 charging point in total.


EVgo is one of the DC fast charging public networks. It has installed almost 1050 stations across US. It has recently established a High-Voltage fast charging station in California with a partnership with ABB. It charges $0.42/kWh (as per FPL’s filing).

Tesla Supercharger

It’s a 480-volt DC fast charging technology introduced by the famous vehicle company Tesla. It has over 2015 stations worldwide. Tesla charges about $0.28/kWh (as per FPL’s filing). Tesla Superchargers are only for Tesla vehicles.

Blink Network

Blink Network is one of the leading EV charging services. It has cloud-based software that operates all the Blink charging stations. Blink offers free membership and by becoming its member you get access to more than 15,000 Blink charging stations across US.

Electrify America

Electrify America has more than 2200 fast charging points. Most of the chargers rate 150 or 350 kW. The company expects to install 3500 DC fast charging points by December 2021.

EVBox Group

It operates more than 190,000 charge points in more than 70 countries, out of which 5000+ are fast charging points. With the partnership of ENGIE, EVBox Group is planning to become a public company via business combination with TPG Pace Beneficial Finance.


It is the one of the leading EV charging networks. It provides both private and public services. It has almost 3500 high-quality charging stations. They provide a high-quality service to their clients.


It’s not one of the known companies. AC32 electric vehicle charger is the new project about which they informed Robotics and Automation News. They are certified for the North American Market and suitable for both private and public places.


Clippercreek is one of the best EV charging stations for both domestic and commercial vehicle charging. All its units are ETL listed.


BTCPower has level-2 public charging stations as well Dc fast chargers. Its power ranges from 6.6 – 350 kW.


SemaConnect has installed 10,000 charging stations. Their partnership with Gilbarco Veeder-Root will take the charging stations to the next level.


The non-networked commercial charging stations of Power Charge don’t have any subscription fee and offer their services at a very low rate. Whereas, the networked commercial charging stations provide you a lot of useful features.


Ample has a brand new start up in this field but is has got many investors and Shell is one of them. It has raised more than $31 million so far. Their plan is to use mobile robots to charge the electric cars. Who knows!!


Volta requires no membership. It operates almost 1497 stations through its network. It stands out among other networks as it gives first 30 units free. Volta has a series of level-2 charging stations and also DC fast charging stations with free charging.


A reliable company, providing high quality Mode 2 EV portable charger and Mode 3 EV charging cable. They provide a large variety yet budget friendly EV charging supplies.

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