The Waze “EV rooting” feature


In the world of GPS navigation apps, the lack of support for electric vehicle charging stations has been a big issue. EV drivers have had trouble finding nearby charging stations and planning their routes accordingly. However, Waze has recently teamed up with Volkswagen to solve this problem.

Starting in December 2021, Waze began offering its “EV routing” feature, allowing users to search for and navigate to electric vehicle charging stations. This new feature uses data from networks such as ChargePoint and EVgo to display the locations of nearby charging stations and the current availability of charging ports.

To use the feature, users can simply type in “EV charging” or “electric charging” in the Waze search bar. They can also filter their search by connector type, such as Tesla Supercharger, and view details such as the cost of charging and the estimated time to charge.

The feature also allows users to add charging stations to the map if they find one that is not already listed. This helps to keep the information up-to-date and accurate for other EV drivers.

The Waze app also provides the estimated time it will take to charge the vehicle based on the current state of charge and the charging station amperage. In addition, Waze shows the availability of charging ports in real-time, meaning if a port is occupied it will be marked as such and users can choose another station.

Overall, the EV routing feature in Waze can be a useful tool for EV drivers to plan their trips and find charging stations along the way. With more and more automotive brands moving towards an electric future, this feature is likely to become increasingly important for EV drivers.


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